Daffodil Hill Photographic Tour

Daffodil Hill consists of a farm of four acres owned since 1887 by the McLaughlins. The farm started out as a toll road and ranch of 36-acres created for travelers and for teamsters hauling timbers. In the early Gold Rush days, Daffodil Hill became a frequent stop off place for teamsters delivering timber down from the Sierras to the Argonaut and Kennedy Mines, and also for travelers heading eastbound to the Comstock Lode using the old Amador/Nevada Wagon Road (which was Highway 88). After coming west in 1887 from New York, Arthur along with his wife, Lizzie, in their extra time started planting the initial daffodil bulbs. Since then, the bulbs have been lovingly nurtured. Although not formally promoted or publicized nor a commercial enterprise, the ranch has always been in the McLaughlin family ever since it became acquired back in 1887 by pioneers Arthur McLaughlin along with Elizabeth van Vorst-McLaughlin.

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