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Bakersfield was officially incorporated as a city, in 1873 and by 1874 Bakersfield replaced the dying town of Havilah as the new county seat. Alexander Mills was hired as the city marshal, who one historian described as an old man by the time he was sworn in as Bakersfields marshal, and he walked using a cane. But he was a handy man from Kentucky with a gun, and had no no lack of initiative and resource when the mood moved him. Townspeople and others resented Mills, who was cantankerous and high- handed with his treatment of them. Having a desire to fire him although fearing reprisals, they came up with a plan to disincorporate, effectively leaving him without aa job. According to Gilbert Gia, a local historian the city was also not collecting the taxes it needed for services. and in 1876, the city voted to disincorporate. For the subsequent 22 years, a citizen's council managed the community. By 1880, Bakersfields population had grown to 801, and by 1890, there was a population of 2,626. Migration from Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Southern California brought new residents, who mostly worked for the oil industry

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