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Downtown Antioch offers a Main Street that's dynamic featuring a collection of historic local restaurants and stores containing significant bui8ldings. Many of its historic downtown structures have been preserved, including the Masonic Lodge, Hard House, Beede Lumber Company building,the El Campani Theatre and the Lynn House Gallery.

An immensly popular community performing arts venue, the El Campanil Theatre, was constructed in 1928. The theatre hosts a full calendar year of events, which includes live theatre from the local Vagabond Players, the El Campanil Children’s Theatre along with other traveling troupes, along with an arrayy of dance productions, films, concerts, comedy shows and much more

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  El Campanil Theatre, 602 2nd   street, Antioch El Campanil Theatre, 602 2nd   street, Antioch El Campanil Theatre, 602 2nd   street, Antioch. When the El Campanil Theatre opened in 1928, it served as a venue for both movies and vaudeville. It cost $500,000 to build the theatre. Among the initial performers to appear at the theater were Mary Pickford, Roy Rogers, Donald O'Connor and;Sally Rand.

It features a Gothic Spanish Colonial type facade being unusual as the name of the theater suggests, Initially there were three archways, with each having a bell inside it, while the largest arch and bell was in the center above th e main entrance, three stories high. The auditorium still features its original Moorish chandeliers, ornate painting and wall sconces. The dressing rooms became adorned with hundreds of autographs dating back to the ttime of the theater’s initial opening.

After many decades serving as a movie theatre, the Campanil eventually closed, but later reopened, serving as a church. The theater subsquently was acquired by a non-profit foundation in 2003.


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