Photographing Rooms With Terrible Views


The View Appears Ugly

Burn the Windows Out, to Hide the View. There are time the nicest room can have a repulsive outside view through the window or doorway. Or you simply don't want to show the close proximity of the next door neighbor's house, so make a shot similar to the one on the left and simply burn the windows out 
Burn out the windows
Burn out the windows

Burn it. Just expose for the bright exterior daylight to burn out every detail of whatever is outside. This is very simple to pull off.. Just set the shutter exposure long enough. But, I'm sorry to say, you'll still need to get a decent indoor exposure which can entail some compromise. You might choose to create overexposed highlights in the room itself (most typically this will be the lamps) just to assure burnout of the exterior ugliness. This may be a good condition for bracketing  your exposures. This could also be a good shooting circumstance when it's too bright outdoors.

Shade it. A sheer curtain can veil the exterior problem while still allowing plenty of light in. a variety of translucent shades and other blinds can also work, but refrain from drawing shades all the way closed. Be on the lookout for dirty or defective (bent slats) blinds that may cast superfluous patterns or shadows.

Diffuse it. Translucent films exist that can be applied to windows to block the outside details. If somehow you got a hold of the permanent type, be sure they'll come off easily after you've finished shooting. A big photo diffuser could also be hung outside a difficult window so the part of the window that is not shaded is covered.

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