Will Your Smartphone Replace Your Digital Camera?

Cameras Still have the Edge on Image Quality


Although, the newest array of smartphones such as the HTC EVO 4G plus the Nokia N8 sport impressive megapixel numbers, although megapixels aren't the last word in quality. To be resourceful and proficient, your photo-taking device needs megapixels, along with a first-rate lens, an equally adept image processor, and a genuine flash. Photo quality is bread and butter to digital camera’s, so together all of these components must perform at a high level. The majority of smartphones, with their inexpensive lenses, less costly image sensors, and purely rude LED flashes, just cannot challenge a reasonably priced compact point and shoot digital camera.

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Your Pockets Become Only So Large
Cell phones and digital cameras, alike, run the breadth from unwieldy and weighty to slim and feather-light. Conversely, a digital camera necessitates extra thought before being taken out on a road trip, be it for portability or for safety. Alternatively, a cell phone is designed to go into a pocket and robust enough to be dealt with in that manner. For a professional photographer, the subject of move ability is a non-issue. Although, for all the rest of the public, hauling two separate devices of somewhat similar functionality is just not in the cards.

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Yes, there are numerous quality compact digital cameras pretty much the same in size as a smartphone, such as the Sony popular Cybershot cameras, but, if there's only room for a single device carried on your person, odds are it will be a smart cell phone.

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Smartphones Do not Zoom
A big advantage of a single-purpose camera compared to a multi-function smartphone. Digital cameras contain the room to house optical zoom lenses with astonishing quality and precision. For instance, the Nikon's CoolPix P100, features an optical zoom with 26x and faultless image quality. The majority of smartphones do not even contain a zoom feature. The ones that might have any type of zoom, use a nominal optical zoom of about 3x, and most often it's a software-originated digital zoom that's right next ro worthless on the average, low-aspect cell phone.

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All The Extra Features
Smartphones take advantage of the cell phone’s connectivity strength with family and friends and with internet by employing, among other things, geo-tagging, GPS location information added to your pictures, automatic-uploading to on-line media sources, and integrated in-device editing.

Along another vein, the strong suit of digital cameras is photo-centric, embrace features such as face and smile detection, auto red-eye removal, double screens for simple to do self-photos, and an excess of picture and quality fine tuning. A crossover in functionality is starting to happen between the different devices amplifying, especially in consideration for HD video capture, and internet-connectivity, although the top characteristics should be decided by just how you plan on using the device.

A compact point and shoot digital camera is ideal for those of you that want to capture new sights, or photography is a hobby, for whom photo quality and adaptability are important. of course the downside is reduced portability plus the need for higher skill in managing the pictures. However, the smartphone camera, provides a more casual rationale, for instance, acquiring a random photo on an evening-out with your friends, but is lacking in all but just a few basic image modifications.

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The Big Winner
For all the expediency plus portability of the smartphones, they're outdone by the superior quality of images and feature-rich-sets featured on even middle-range compact digital cameras. Top-end cell phones possibly might be an adequate alternative to the low-end digital camera for not so challenging point-and-shoot photo shooting, but this value disappears minute you make an attempt to capture a better quality image in a not so ideal situation. The bottom line is, a smartphone camera is only a sales point and pulls that off quite well. After saying that, I can't help but wonder how ljust ong it will take before these smartphones become adequate quality cameras and HD recorders to be serious competition to supplant the real digital cameras.

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