Six Rainy Day Photography Ideas

Photography Ideas for Rainy Days

Not too many of us are willing to put our lives into an oncoming hurricane path just for a photograph of things flying about, however many of us go about endangering our cameras out in the rainy weather attempting to shoot a photo of a kidsí athletic game or an imposing cloud formation. So here are a few tips to photographers function in inclement weather.

1. Don't dally about in the rain.

If you're photographing hurricanes, you don't have the time to indulgence in standing around in one location too long. The average exposure time is about 90 seconds once you're out of your vehicle, Even with driving rain, means the camera's not going to get very wet. However to get the shots quicker, set everything up on the camera excluding focus before heading into the weather. When you're not actively shooting, just tuck your camera under your rain jacket.

2. Stormy Weather.

If you are attempting to catch spectacular weather images, youíll need to manually set your camera. Raindrops and overcast skies can cause the autofocus and automatic exposure to become confused,. "One of the early lessons you'll need to learn about shooting snow or clouds is you must overexpose or they come out an not so pleasant grey, Go up an extra stop, when if the light meter suggests f/5.6, then go to /f4,.You should also learn to bracket, meaning underexpose and overexpose as you learn to see the affects on your photos.
Early Morning Rain Early Morning Rain

3. Use Plastic Bags.

Although I'm not a big fan of camera housings or covers as they just get in the way of shooting, although the camera covers made by Aquatech, which are designed with clear windows to fit specific camera at the place the LCD screens are located with Velcro openings. while I've also had luck with jury-rigged covers out in the field and success using rubber bands and also Wal-Mart plastic bags. Although be sure to remove the bag soon as possible. It can acquire moisture which may then find it's way into the camera.

4. Use lots of towels.

A favorite low-tech tools is bunches of towels. You buy buy them in big packs at discount stores. Keep some in every vehicle pocket so you can dry off your photo gear if does get wet.. Just be sure and wash the towels first to remove the lint. Or you can obtain a lint less microfiber chamois, which you can wring out and use over and over

Fall Evening Colors
Evening Colors

5. Dusk and Dawn.

A fantastic way to acquire a spectacular shot is by using timed exposure while the sun rises or sets. Sometimes I think of myself as dusk and dawn junkie,. One way to get those fantastic shots is up to one hour before sunrise or an hour after the sun sets. You can't see it just standing there, but by shooting a one-second image, you'll; see hue of the sky blended between cobalt blue and turquoise . it takes a tripod to capture that shot, plus a remote release, keeping you from inadvertently shaking the camera as you click the shutter.

6. Idea Number Six.

Most cameras have a timer release, so just set it for one second, back up and let the camera take over.

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