Preserving and Handing Family Photos Down In The Digital Age

Preserving Family Photos Down In The Digital Age

For decades, photography meant having your film developed at the local drug store, installing the resulting glossy prints in a family photo album and subsequently putting it on your bookshelf. Digital photography has changed that tradition, and now your photographs may live on computers, CDs, hard drives, USB flash drives and even on your mobile phone.

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However just because pictures hardly ever go into family leather-bound photo albums any more does not mean they are any less precious. The photography evolution has transformed the many methods in which we keep our photos - and it just makes sense to begin thinking differently about ways of preserving and passing on your precious memories. Here are some tips for preserving your photos for this digital age and longer.

  • Select. Digital photography allows you acquire countless photos - way more than you would ever acquire using film. However the sheer volume of photos can many times overwhelm the curator of family photos who must sort, evaluate and preserve images which can run into the thousands and that's after just one special event or vacation. To stay away from image overload, as you add new pictures to your collection, try to edit and remove as many as possible. Consequently you'll keep the best pictures of the lot and never have to muddle through an endless bunch of photos in just getting to your favorites.
  • Share. As much as shooting photos is about saving memories both for yourself, and it's also a terrific way of sharing experiences with family and friends. And for sharing, social media and digital photography is the perfect match - instead of mailing photos with holiday cards, now you are able to upload them quickly to the internet. If you desire to share just one snapshot at the spur of the moment, you have the ability to post straight to Twitter or Facebook. For larger photo groups, of the baby's first year or your latest vacation, you can add entire albums directly to Facebook or some other photo sharing and hosting sites - However, be sure and provide captions allowing everyone to know what they're viewing.
  • Preserve. SanDisk has the results in from a survey conducted online by Harris Interactive for SanDisk from July 28 through August 1, 2011 from 2,294 adults with ages 18 and older discovered 79 percent of adults in the U.S. with digital pictures plan to pass them on to future generations.
However storing digital photos for lengthy time periods can be unnerving if you are not sure whether the present storage technology will properly preserve your photos into the future. External hard drives have moving parts that wear out and CDs can scratch.

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