Talking abour Popular Applications for Pictures, Video, and Sharing

Seven Applications for Pictures, Video, and Sharing. These applications can help you choose the right camera, improve your photos, share images with social networks, and take more video. Here are seven handy ones to check out for personal or business. 

Better Photography Articles and Tips 1. MobileMe Gallery - Apple Inc. Free Create photo galleries for your clients, friends, and family with MobileMe Gallery. Just upload your images from your computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Invite friends to view your gallery, download high-res files, and even contribute their own images. You'll be able to view galleries while on the go.

2. Mobile - Adobe Free Make edits quickly on your iPhone with this Photoshop app. Crop, rotate, color correct, add saturation and tint, go black and white, or try a variety of filters and effects. Keep your photos and video in an online library.

3. Photobucket - Inc. Free Do you use to store images, create slides, and share your pictures? This free app lets you upload directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your Photobucket albums. You also can search Photobucketís media library, download images to your phone, and share albums with clients, family, and friends.

4. iVideoCamera - Laan Labs $0.99 Donít have an iPhone 3GS? You donít need one to shoot video. The iVideoCamera app is for recording video on any 2G or 3G phone with 3.1 OS installed. Share videos via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.

5. Qik Video Camera - Qik Inc. $1.99 This app lets you record video on more than 140 phones and then send it to your e-mail or your social networking sites. Friends can watch your movies stream live. All videos are archived on your personal page ó no manual uploading needed. Control brightness, audio, and special effects.

6. Camera Plus Pro - Global Delight Technologies $1.99 Geo-tag the location of your photos from your iPhone, then upload them to your Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook. Make edits or apply filters before you upload. Personalize images with a copyright and date. You can hide personal photos with a password.

7. Buy a Camera - Sunray Networks $1.99 On the hunt for a new camera? This app may help with the search. Browse a database of about 400 digital cameras to compare specs, prices, and brands.

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