Give Photographer Friends a Gift of Time

Photographer Friends Need a Gift of Time

You would think selecting a Christmas present for a photo enthusiast would be an easy task. however photography can be a costly proposal for hobbyist and professionals alike. If there are photo enthusiasts in your family, locating a photo-related gift for them without emptying your account at the bank can turn into a daunting task. Buying just one piece of photo gear can easily cost hundreds, even into the thousands. If you are one of the fortunate ones than can afford it, that's all and well, however for most people the prices can run the top. There are gadgets that are both useful and affordable.

photo opportunity

Here are a few great gift suggestions for those living with a budget. Back In the good old film camera days, $20 or $30 worth of film was a fine present for any photographer. However, with the digital cameras of today, the nearest film equivalent is flash memory cards.

While there are some that are pricey, depending on the capacity and speed, many run in that nearly same $20 to $30 range. For around $10, another item that's very useful is the pop-up monitor shade made by by Delkin. It attaches to the camera's back using a strong (although removable) adhesive, when it's closed this three-sided canopy when folded up it features protection for the camera's LCD monitor. And, when it's opened it helps in keeping the bright sun from washing the images on the monitor out.

Delkin Shade

These suggestions are useful and fine, however, perhaps the best present of all is a gift that actually does not have price tag attached to it: a present of time. A great deal of photography is all about chance, while just being at the right place during the right time. All of us have busy schedules, and there are those times we just don't have to stop for a photo.

Numerous times I've overheard people say: "I didn't have time to stop as I was running behind because of this or because of that." Or, "I was busy taking the kids here and there."

I know there are times when I have "time-suppressed" myself when i was out doing things with family even when on vacation or just taking the day off. And there are those days times when you think you'll have the time, there continue to be busy schedules to maintain. I've stopped counting the times when passed up a photo because I was in a hurry to do something else. I tell myself, "I'll stop the next time," although typically I'm still busy as the next time rolls around.

So give those photographer friends a gift of time. Pull the car over and let them out to shoot the very next time they spot something interesting beside the road.

Show patience and allow them time when just that right moment or the best light presents itself. Let them arise early to acquire a magnificent sunrise or by staying out late at night to photograph a starry night. The cost will only be a little of your time.

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