What is an Image?

There are Many Kinds of Images

An image is thought of as a physical similarity or representation of an animal, person, or thing, painted, photographed, sculptured, or otherwise visibly created. An image might also be an object's appearance or optical counterpart, created by a mirror reflection, refraction from a lens, or luminous rays passing into a small aperture with their reception landing on a surface. ✓

Images can be two-dimensional, like a screen display, a photograph, and they can be three-dimensional, like a statue. They may be acquired by using an optical device like a mirrors,, camera, lens, telescope, microscope, etc. and also with natural phenomena and objects like a human eye or even surfaces of water.

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Image is a word often thought of in a broader scope of just about any two-dimensional object like a graph, a map, a pie chart, even an abstract painting. In this wider scope, images may also be manually rendered, like painting, drawing, carving, created automatically using computer graphics or by printing, or rendered by combining methods, particularly in a pseudo-photo.

A volatile image only exists for only a limited time period. This might be an object reflected by a camera obscura projection, a mirror, or a picture displaying within a cathode ray tube (CRT).

A fixed image, often labeled a hard copy, an image that has been fixed upon a material object, like paper or textile using photography or digitally processed.

A mental image takes place in a person's mind: something one imagines or remembers. The subject matter of an image does not need to be real; it might be an abstract perception, like a function, graph, or "imaginary" thing. For instance, Sigmund Freud claimed he purely dreamt in dialogues of aural-images . The creation of synthetic acoustic technology and the development of artistic sound have shown us the way to considering of the possibility of such a sound-image prepared using irreducible phonic substance way past musicological or linguistic analysis.

A still image therefore is one solitary static image, as differentiated from an image which moves. This phrase is often used in visual media, photography, and computer production as a way to point out that one isn't discussing movies, or using a very pedantic or precise technical writing as a norm.

A film still therefore is a photo shot on a movie set or television program at some point in production, employed for promotional reasons.

A moving image most often is a video or movie (film), including digital video. It might also be a display which is animated like a zoetrope.

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