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Hiking at The Muir Woods National Monument

When you are preparing for a hike the most important item you are going to need is hiking boots. Your ability to enjoy a hike rests heavily on your feet and the comfort and support they are going to require. Gym shoes are not built to handle the rough terrain and rocky paths. You should select a pair of boots that are designed for the type of hiking you are interested in. If you are going to be mostly in hilly areas with established paths you won't need the most heavy duty boot around. You should find a pair that feels comfortable and provides the stability you are going to need. ✓

When hiking, donít carry any more weight than you absolutely have to and don't spend the money or endure the aggravation of a bigger, better camera. A digital point-and-shoot brings home ok to good pictures most of the time; the quality depends mostly on the scenery.

Hiking Photography: Griffith Observatory Hike & Photography

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Here are few conclusions based on a few years of hiking, taking pictures and posting them online:

Image stabilization technology is the best thing to happen to cameras since the flashbulb. If youíre looking for a light point-and-shoot for hiking & backpacking, pay extra to get it (Iím thinking itíll be pretty much standard on all digital cameras in a couple years.)

Cameras that use double-A batteries are far more flexible ó you can buy a recharger and a bunch of cheap rechargeable batteries and always have some power ready.

GPS units often also use double-A batteries, so you get multiple uses.

Pictures you plan to air publicly should be cropped for best effect.

If youíre planning to post a bunch of pictures, leave out redundant images, even if theyíre from different locales.

Most important, master all your current cameraís functions before you buy another one that has even more functions.

Backlighting is evil. You can get some cool silhouette effects, but otherwise, make sure the sunís over your shoulder.

These are the basics that come to mind Ö feel free to add suggestions.

Most photography sites tend to focus more on the hardware than technique. Articles on camera hardware draw better than articles on technique. Yet a professional photographer can make better photos with a $100 point and shoot camera than many owners of expensive Canon 1Ds's or Nikon Dx3's. Why is this so? Technique. Then why so much effort on hardware? Cameras and lenses are complicated and many times take months to master anything buy point and shoot modes. So what is the answer? Best Prices for the best hardware you can afford and practice, practice, practice updated article Jan 30, 2011


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