Keep the Gray Winter Days From Dulling Your Photography

Keep the Gray Winter Days From Dulling Your Photography

Even while in sunny California, you can become caught up in the overcast cold, clutches of winter time, when any aspirations of sunshine sometimes seems like a far-away delusion. True, it's better than say Minot North Dakota., however when we can sometimes go for days, often weeks without a glimpse the sun of which we've become so famous, you can almost go stir crazy. ✓

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Winter Amtrak Photo

Winter is a dormant time as the majority of flowers and plants simply shut down. They lose their color and wither as they pass the time for springtime so they can spring to life and bloom once more. The gray, cold, drizzly weather of winter tends to dissuade many of us from shooting photographs. People typically stay indoors when it gets like this, although that does not mean there are no photos to be taken.

In springtime, rose gardens at Micke Grove Park is abundant with color. Roses of every perceivable shade are blooming, while the garden is filled with life and vibrant energy. During winter the mood is more somber, while the hues become more subdued, although it can still be beautiful.

Overcast Skies Contribute to a Somber Feeling

The flat, dull dull lighting can prohibit general scenic's, however by moving up close and capturing details, you can be rewarded with some fantastic shots. Even though a majority of the blossoms have disappeared, the leaves left behind on the plants themselves are often striking.

Waiting for the sun's warmth to shoot images may be rewarding and provide psychological and physical benefits, although searching for photographs to shoot on a damp, chilly day can deliver its own photographic compensation. The fog of winter can leave water droplets that adhere to the leaves while beading up like miniature jewels. Using a lens featuring a macro (close-up) capability helps, although a number of cameras and lenses will get you in real close.

Water Droplets
Water Droplets on Grass

The diminished light compels photographers to widen their lens openings, which corresponds to not as much field depth, meaning you'll need to be more accurate with your focusing, however with a little determination, your subjects will jump out from their background ever more.

Water Droplets on a Car
Water Droplets on a Car

Move around to find the best viewing angle to shoot the droplets by catching the light and popping out. Pictures may not jump out and grab you like on a brilliant, sunny day, although with a little fortitude, while keeping an eye open, you'll find a worthwhile photograph. So while the effervescence of spring can be a far-off delusion or a wishful dream these months of the year, beauty may still be discovered during the wet, cold winter days.

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