Have Your Photos Been Framed?

A creative way to capture an innovative picture

Compose the subject with a photographic frame surrounding it. Just what is a photographic frame? Objects that that act as borders or a frame for your scene. The frame draws the attention of the onlooker to a specific subject or interest point within the picture. Frames also give perception and demonstrate depth. ✓

Stockton California Village Marina

In my Village West Marina photograph, I could have moved to the right and eliminated the tree on the left from the picture. However I chose the tree to become a frame along the outer edges of my picture, giving the marina more prominence.

Here are a few thoughts for framing your pictures:

Place the Emphasize on your subject. Framing directs the viewer's eye to the point of the subject, however you do not always need to go snugly into the frame. You can allow the subject to be framed but still have other entities along the photograph's edges.

Next time you're out shooting with your camera, if you think about it, you'll see frames everywhere. You might be astonished at the many opportunities you have been passing up and what innovative photographs you have been missing.

Think about depth of field as you're using a photographic frame as an entity for your foreground. Since you now have a foreground entity (the photographic frame) plus a background entity (your subject) you can go ahead and chose the depth of field. Should the foreground to be the in focus area? If that's what you want, then stop down using a small aperture that will keep both the frame and the subject focused. On the other hand, if you only want the subject to be focused, use a larger aperture.

Micke Grove Pond and Building

In this picture the frame is the rocks in front and the trees along the edges while the spraying fountain and the building behind being the subject, although the cannon is still noticeable along the outer edge of the photograph.

Keep the camera's focus area sensors and flash sync on the primary subject. If at all doable, use a darker foreground frame entity than your background. Expose for the background subject and allow the frame to darken.

Creative sources for using as a frame might include windows, branches, tunnels, archways. and doorways Any item that lets you peer through one object to another will create a useable frame.

keep your frames interesting for your pictures. If they are available, use symbolic objects for a frame of your subjects, something that ties in the relation to the subject

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