Now! Flickr has More with Explore and Navigate

More with Explore and Navigate

Flicker LogoThey’ve been working hard at making Flickr the greatest experience possible for photography lovers the world over. They are excited to reveal that they have created a new, more simplified navigation bar along with a fresh Explore page. Their new nav bar has been created for browsing Flickr easier and faster letting you quickly find the images you love. While they took many of their old blue links away, they kept the ability to gain access to most of the favorite features directly from the navigation bar. This appears to be a cleaner more simple experience. While a few of you may not have seen the navigation bar yet, don’t worry. It will appear to everyone within the next several days. ✓

In addition to their new navigation bar, they also designed a brand new Explore page. They know just how much everyone loves the justified photos view that they’ve integrated into the Favorites, Contacts, along with Group Pool pages up to this point. Now they’re adding that same awesome encounter to their new fresh ‘Explore’ landing page. This new layout lets you seamlessly view the most beautiful and stunning images ever uploaded to Flickr. Browse the most interesting photographs added during the previous 24 hours or look back in a time frame to view amazing photographs from the past. More than 8 billion pictures have been added to Flickr so far. So start browsing and discovering new photographers and photos! They’re always excited to hear your thoughts and give them your feedback using the Help forum. If you come across any bugs, they’d love to know about them also. And for iPhone lovers, check out their Flickr Blog - Their new iPhone App

Flikcker Update

Flickr has also jumped into the photograph filter competition with the latest update to their iOS app available now at the App Store. They've added sixteen brand new "high resolution" camera app filters, providing that Instagram look and nott leave the Flickr app. There's additional Aviary-powered tools to edit and perfect your image. The app also features a fresh new Explore tab allowing you to view both images Flickr thinks are interesting, and also those geotagged to close by locations, a mode EyeEm users have become familiar with. A fresh new Contacts view additionally makes it much easier to see photographers images you follow. I was also excited about seeing the new app let you zoom into photos

In addition to updating the app, Flickr also provides new desktop navigation now, along with an updated Explore page. If you don't immediately see these changes, keep checking as these changes will become available to all users during the next few days. These adjustments just might be perceived as the first Yahoo substantial answers to the cries on the Internet to "have Flickr awesome once more," along with an effort to keep up with the frenzy over photo filter that's increasing between Instagram and Twitter. See more about these updates on the Flickr blog. .

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