Talking about Fire photography

Fire photography defined is the performance of shooting photographs of firefighting hazards

Photographers that carry out this manner of imaging are most often identified as fire photographers. Fire photography entails being involved in dangerous environments, fire photographers must possess a special skill set and intimate knowledge regarding emergency incident locations, processes, health and safety of self and others. Fire photographers are many times required to don firefighter protective gear. ✓

Slideshow of the Menemsha Coast Guard Boathouse Fire 2010

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Fire Photography of four story historic building

Uses of fire photography

Fire photographer skills features multiple applications:
  • Fire prevention
  • Improvement of the public's view on emergency work
  • Investigation
  • Post-incident analysis
  • Strengthening of sense of belonging for firefighters
  • Training

Interaction with fire departments

Generally, fire photographers do not work directly for fire departments. They impart a specific photography service which could entail a per-photograph fee. Safety perimeter access is usually a concern for photographers at fire scenes, thus they most often acquire beneficial relationships with the local fire department crews to enhance fire scene access. The fire department may use discretion in granting such access, require ongoing training or other types of arrangements.

Certification process

The International Organization of Fire Photography (IOFP) is drafting a formalized fire photographer certification procedure. The goal of such certification is to demonstrate that a person has obtained sufficient knowledge, training, and skills in germane areas (firefighting operations, health & safety, , etc.) to function inside a safe perimeter within an emergency incident location.  - updated article 1/30/2011

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