Capturing Concert Candid Photographs

Have you ever attempted to shoot an image while at a concert

Well you know just what I'm talking about. Dim auditoriums and brightly lit stages typically create a big problem for photographers that are not accustomed to capturing images in this difficult situation. Here are some suggestions to make it easier for you to come away with great concert photos. ✓

 The first thing you're going to need to do is switch that auto function off and go to Manual Mode if you want good concert pictures You must learn how to utilize those manual controls installed on your camera you've been ignoring so long. WHY?, those automatic settings on your camera will more than likely adjust for the space you are in, or the lighting on stage and not take both into account. The end result is fuzzy blurry pictures where it's impossible to tell what (if you even see anything) is on the screen. Using the manual controls will put YOU in CHARGE of the camera and you can tell it precisely what type of circumstances are going down and allow you to acquire images with optimal quality. Another thing, Turn That Flash  to Off

I know, most photography articles tend to be more focused on the hardware and not on technique. But articles about camera hardware draw more viewers than those on technique do. Yet a skilled photographer using a $100 compact point and shoot camera can create better pictures than a great many owners of very expensive Nikon D3x's, or Canon 1Ds's. You may wonder why is this the case? Technique. if that's true, then why is so much attention on placed on the hardware? Most often take many months to master any function other than the point and shoot modes as cameras and lenses tend to be complicated. So is there an answer? Find the best most affordable hardware you can then practice, practice, practice. - updated article 1/12/2011 - add

Concert Photography

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