Can You Become a Photo Addict?

My name is Gene Wright and I' am a photo Addict

I do photos as a livelihood, I do photos on my breaks, my days off, my vacation. There are times when I speculate if I have any days away from work or if I even have a job. Is a photo addiction a hazard of the job? Should it be included in an inventory of points to seriously ponder when youíre considering going pro? Or is it purely untainted bliss? ✓

It hasn't always been this direction for me though. I just about gave up photography and cameras a few years back. I had nearly lost all passion for the art. It's unquestionably one of the hazards of going pro in any occupation that begins as a hobby. Once it turned into a full time job and I begin shooting and writing for a living it can fast grow to be mundane and become a chore. I soon stopped thinking about my camera at home and on my days off, I didnít want to spend any more time in front of the computer than I had to. I know all too well, Iíve done that and been there!

Now you may be speculating how my circumstances did a 180 degree turnaround. It wasnít any one thing or any one person, on the contrary it was a whole series of incidents that triggered other incidents. It all began with sharing my some of my thoughts with the photo community and engaging in personal ventures alongside my review projects. Now the more time I spend shooting photos or discussing photography with other people, the more ardent I feel about it.


I discover interesting subjects to photograph everywhere I go. I cannot exist without my camera nearby! Itís pretty easy to grow to be overcome when you are trying to run your own establishment and still deal with family obligations and have a personal life too. We all possess perfectly justifiable reasons to avoid doing any more work. Although it became my main priority and I made the time. I not only take pleasure in shooting photos, In addition I enjoy reviewing and writing about camera gear and photography, sharing thoughts and pointer with other photographers from all skill levels. Itís a part of the total package while itís mainly the most enjoyable occupation in the world! Although I specialize in reviewing cameras, lenses and other photo gear, and I shoot mostly real estate interiors and landscapes, Although there is no limit as I photograph for personal ventures. I might shoot photography in the street one day and auto show the next day. The world's is a big exciting place and I'd like to try and capture as much of it as i can with my camera.

Acacia Trees

My camera has become an expansion of me. I get restless if a day or two goes by without photographing. It's not always good though? My wife and family has not much interest in photography. They give me support their own ways although they donít impart my passion of it while I have no expectations of them to. I often see them roll their eyes as I become excited about a shot I just acquired or the times I cannot sit still during dinner because the perfect lighting outside is disappearing. Compromise is what Itís about. Every now and then I do leave the camera at home when there is a special family occasion. Although when I require a day for myself to take a photography walk or get together with another photographer friend, I go ahead take it and it's a good feeling! There are times when It can become a pretty secluded job or hobby, and while I enjoy the solitude. Iím also a people person that gains no greater fulfillment than sharing my passion and my vision with other photographers.  New Article Sep 4, 2011

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