Birding Garden Fun for the Entire Family

Sooner or later everyone comes to realize that birds generate the landscape

You can plant every native plant in your garden that you can imagine, however your garden will always be more enjoyable with a host of birds. The photo enthusiasts wearing their safari shirts, Tilley sun-protection hats and cameras with expensive lenses give further testimony as to how important they are. ✓

But how can your host birds at your home without it resembling a wildlife refuge? Birdbaths and birdfeeders are available at almost every garden center and can get you on the path to discovering birds you never even knew inhabited your neighborhood. Attracting a colorful bird array to your home landscape is one of those projects your entire family can take pleasure in.

Bird feeders are great educational children's project. They expose an entire new world by letting children have the responsibility for selecting the spot and looking after a feeder. Equipped with an encyclopedia or bird guide, your child will gain the capacity to identify the birds feasting in your garden in a very short time.

Birds require more than food alone. Birdbaths give them water for bathing and drinking. They're not just practical they can become a striking focal point of the garden landscape. Only today I observed a Greater Kiskadee perched on a tree above the bird bath. Although they may not be in your area there are sure to be birds every bit as pleasurable to watch. although you need to offer the water.

Great Kiskadee

You donít have to give them birdhouses, if you have nesting prospects in native shrubs and trees. You can provide both in your home garden. you can plant trees and bring in birdhouses that resemble fine art. These have become a national rage starting with a simple single-story bungalow, decorative gourds, to birdhouses that resemble schools, churches, and even antebellum houses. There are a few birdhouses that practically give me a desire to live in them. I have also witnessed some birdhouses that were more expensive than a few cars I have driven.

colonial Bird House
Elaborate Colonial Bird House

Although bird houses, feeders, and baths are enjoyable for the entire family, youíll need to bring in native plants into the landscape containing fruit or berries that birds regard as a delicacy. In my Central California location plants like the White Alder for it's seeds buds, provides cover and nesting materials, the wild strawberry with its red fruit, and the read leaf plum with its color of cranberry fruit are favorites of birds.

In your region the bird favorites may just be the wax myrtle's blue berries, the dogwood's bright red fruit or perhaps one of a number of hollies. It's a pretty cool thing to have attractive shrubs and trees that also provide shelter and food for birds. Most parts in the U.S. have native sumac, most of these are winners when it comes down to bird feeding. The (Rhus typhina) stag horn sumac has become a member of those jewels, feeding 94 documented bird species.

As fall gets closer, we can be sure its one of the better times for planting shrubs and. We can choose those native to the area and yield an abundance of berries or fruit for your urban wildlife. Add baths, birdhouses, and feeders, and you've created your very own backyard wildlife sanctuary for both you and for the the birds.

© Gene Wright

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