Bird Photography Techniques

The best places for photographing birds is usually out in the wild

Bird photography is the commitment to capturing images of fascinating birds in activities similar to lighting, eating, or in flight. The best places to photograph birds are usually out in the wild, although zoos can also a good spot for shooting birds. The procedures for bird photography are almost 180 degrees from those used to shoot landscapes. In selecting a lens for bird photography, a fast aperture is needed to attain a faster shutter speed, to freeze the subject in motion, and blur out the background, whereas a landscape photographer may prefer a small aperture. Birds also normally captured using a long telephoto  lens from a far off distance. Using these kind of telephoto lenses often requires using a sturdy tripod (as the lens becomes longer, the more difficult it becomes to handhold). a great number of bird photographers also use blinds or camouflages. updated article 1/12/2011

Gull-billed Tern

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