What are the 12 Indispensable Accessories for Photographers?

Accessories for The Photographer in Your Life

Share the love photographers have for gadgets, and these gadgets make marvelous go-toys during gift-giving season. Thereís no doubt of any shortages of photography toys available, but it's overwhelming ciphering what to buy. If the photo enthusiast in your life hasn't furnished you a wish list, you can feel like you're taking a shot in the dark attempting to find what they would like. This list can help. Here are twelve indispensable photography accessories which make amazing gifts.

Lowepro 170 bag

1. Camera Bags, Cases & Carrying Equipment

A great camera bag is an absolute necessity and it will be profoundly used, so put in some thought whatíll best serve a photographer. Lowepro could be a good starting place, as the company makes just about every style of carrying bag a person could ever need. Refined black shoulder bags come in a vast array of sizes, each featuring retractable rain flaps and padded interiors. Lowepro also makes similarly-constructed backpacks, which are available in an array of colors and are quite useful to the on-the-go photographer. If youíre trying to find something that provides style along with protection, take a look at the Domke F-5XA Shoulder/Belt Bag, a canvas water-resistant bag that can be donned across a shoulder or placed on the hip.

Pelicam Memory Card Wallet

2. Memory and Memory-Card Wallets

A wallet for memory-cards is an absolute necessary tool for organizing memory cards for any photo enthusiast. Memory cards are delicate and tiny, a bad amalgamation without a safe place to store them. Take a look at the colorful SD Pixel Pocket Rocket made by ThinkTank. This wallet holds 9 SD cards inside of clear view slots, plus you can even store few business cards below. It folds up nicely so it barely takes any room. For added protective in keeping cards, Pelican makes some excellent hardcover cases made using polycarbonate resin. These wallets are shock absorbent and water resistant, so they are made to take a beating. The Pelican 0915 is ideal for SD or Mini SD cards, and the Pelican 0945 is suitable for CF cards.

Zeiss Cleaning Cloth

3. Cleaning Kits

Clean optics are essential not only for image quality, but also for the longevity of photography equipment. One should not be using a paper towel or t-shirt for cleaning lenses . Instead, something needs to be used thatíll safely do the job. Zeiss Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are produced in a four pack (three medium, one large), are expressly constructed to gently remove fingerprints, dust and dirt from lens surfaces. For more difficult spots, an acceptable lens cleaning solution is available. The Purosol PUOC-10078 Optical Lens Cleaning Small Kit is made containing an eco-friendly pocket-size bottle with streak-free solution, along with a small cloth made of microfiber. The solution is safe to use on any sort of lens coating. And donít forget the dreaded sensor dust. Most often, this can remedied with something as simple as a Sensei Air Bulb Blower. The nozzle assists in directing air current precisely where it's needed, and features an inlet valve which diminishes backflow.

Hoya Skylight Filter

4. Filters and Filter Accessories

Filters and Filter Accessories

Filters are often somewhat underrated in today's world, although they definitely provide a function, even in the digital photography age. Cooling and Warming filters are used to adjust color temperatures, while a slew of specialty filters are made to achieve unique creative effects. Two of the more favored types of filters For landscape photographers, are circular polarizers and neutral density . ND filters are made graduated, solid or center-weighted, diminish the light infiltrating a lens by quite a few stops. These filters are terrific for long-exposure images, allowing the photographer to decide the aperture opening and shutter speed without any worry over overexposing in brilliant ambient lighting. Circular polarizers' operate by altering the way lenses adsorb light. They diminish glare and reflections (water, glass, etc.), along with darkening blue skies providing rich, stunning color. There are many favorites made by B+W, Tiffen and Hoya.

La Cie Hard Drive

5. External Hard/Solid State Drive

A dependable external hard or solid-state drive is paramount when you start accumulating a large digital photo collection. These are indispensible when you need to back-up photo catalogs, transfer large folders, or simply make some space on your computer. The WD Elements Portable Hard Drive line comes in an array of sizes all the way from 500GB to 2TB, with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatibility. If you plans are to pack it around, you may want to take a look at LaCieís Rugged Drives instead. Those orange instantly recognizable hard drives are also in sizes from 500GB to 2TB, while a solid-state external drive comes in 250GB. Every LaCie drive holds up against dropping, dust and moisture contamination. They may also be protected with a password just in case one disappears.

Memory Card Reader

6. Memory Card Reader

Photographers creating high-volume require a quick and efficient way to upload their digital images to a computer. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by using a memory card reader., The Dual Slot Lexar Professional USB 3.0 reader is ideal for the task. This portable memory reader is SDXC/ SDHC UHS-I CF and SD card compatible, with the ability to simultaneous transfer images. Its pop-up engineering safeguards inner circuits when not being used, while itís both USB 2.0 and 3.0 port compatible.

Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories A flash is commonly used indoors as the main light source when there is not enough ambient light for a desired shutter speed. A fill flash or fill-in flash is a low powered flash added to ambient light to illuminate a subject close to the camera while using an exposure long enough to capture background detail. Another technique is to point a flash upwards onto a reflective surface, which may be a white ceiling or a flash umbrella, which reflects light onto the subject; this is called bounce flash. Bouncing creates a more natural light effect than direct flash without glare in the highlights and impenetrable shadows, but requires more flash power than a direct flash.

Mefoto Globetrotter

8. Tripod and Accessories

Every photographer has a need for a tripod. Even if you decide to pay just little or a lot something to stabilize your camera safely is a necissity for certain types of photography. The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 is a good all-around aluminum tripod featuring plenty of ballast for camera systems weighing as much as 19.8 lb. The MeFOTO Globetrotter is ideal for travel photographers. It's a jack-of-all-trades device that can double as a monopod by removing the central column. The aluminum construction of the MeFOTO's can support as much as 26.4 lb of gear. One of its main features is the portability it has: it can collapse into a modest 16.1", which is extraordinarily handy for a tripod having this stature. But if itís still too large, the little Joby flexible Gorillapod is an ideal mini-tripod for stabilizing as much as 6.6 pounds of camera. Featuring bendy joints it's flexeable enough to wrap around or grip almost any object.

Circular Reflectors

9. Collapsible Reflector

A reflector is a primary tool to all still-shot photographers, especially for subjects such as products, food or portraits. Impactís 5-in-1 reflectors are collapsible and highly versatile as a use either out on location or inside the studio. The 42" Circular Reflector Disc comes with gold, white, silver/gold and silver combination panels for fill, bounce and a translucent diffusion panel. The larger (42 x 72") Oval Reflector is ideally suited for portrait work, and is delivered with silver, black, white, translucent and soft gold panels. Both reflectors collapse down to one third of their full size, and neatly tuck away into its own storage bag. Also, you can get an Impact Reflector Holder and Multiboom Light Stand to truly be hands-free.

10. Photography Books & Tutorials

10. Photography Books & Tutorials

I have found a number of books good reading and excellent reference to photography.  You can find the Ansel Adams Books at The Public Library. if you only read one book,  make it the Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography. There is no other single book that covers more about how to make great outdoor photographs than this one.

Checker Card

11. White-Balancing Tools

Most digital cameras feature some type of Auto White Balance button or menu that works well in a pinch. Although, for many serious hobbyists and pros and , itís a better choice to customize WB up front. Impactís QuikBalance 12" Collapsible Gray Panel, is the latest twist on the tried and truec gray card, is a way to adjust WB. One surface is 18% gray, while the other side is neutral white. Photographers can accordingly adjust their settings when located in the identical lighting to the subject, or use it as a base for subsequent precise post-processing. The same approach can be applied to the X-Rite Original ColorChecker Card, that contains 24 colors each mimicking things they could be photographing (sky, foliage, skin tones, etc.) along with neutral grays. The last one, the ExpoDisc 2.0 is a notable wedding-photography tool because of its small size. These circular filters are available in a pair of thread sizes, 77mm plus 82mm. No worries If your lens thread sizes are not that large, just place the disc in front of the lens and photograph the sample. ExpoDiscs simply acquire a featureless gray image which replaces the traditional gray card. It is packed in a small carrying pouch and lanyard, and easily stores in a pocket.

12. Digital Photo Editors

Digital Photo Editors

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the consumer version of the Adobe Photoshop raster image editing product, sold at a fraction (roughly 1/6th) of the cost of the professional product. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer and simpler options. The program allows users to create, edit, organize and share images, all from the same product.

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