Nikon Professional Photographers

This list is far from comprehensive, but they are all Nikon professional photographerfessionals with a web site of their own, or a web page with details of who they are and what they photograph.
Richard Arron - One of the best known rock photographers in the world, Richard E. Aaron was on-stage and backstage documenting the decade as it unfolded around some of the most important events in music history. USA
Robert Aberman - I have been a professional photographer for 30 years and my work covers a wide range of subjects UK
Mark Alberhasky - Encouraged by industry mentors to promote his work, he has become a contributing photographer for Nikon. Mark was recently featured in Nikon World Magazine, and shoots for Nikon advertising as well as their website USA
Romero Alisoeprapto - Allround Freelance Photograper. As a photographer I love the journalistic style, capturing real, unrehearsed moments. Digital photography creations can be offered in all formats for advertisements, corporate brochures, annual reports and editorial assignments. Netherlands
Claudio Angeleri - still life, industrial and advertising photographer with studio locatad in Alessandria, Italy, since 1977 Italy
Larry Angier - Professional photographer for nearly 4 decades and editor of NorCal Quarterly the newsmagazine of ASMP Northern California. Educator in digital, lighting, philosophy, technique, business, and practice in professional photography. USA
Zack Arias - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Kurt Arrigo - Born in 1969 on the island of Malta. He has travelled around the globe shooting wild life. He won a prestigious honour and was included in the 1997 Communication Arts Photography Annual. Kurt strives to meet new boundaries and push his artistic limits, constantly searching for a fresh outlook on his subjects. Malta
Ashish Bahl - Professional commercial photographer from India who has been in the profession of photography in India since last many years India
Ken Bahr - Nikon photographer from the USA
D700 user for event photography
James Balog - An American photographer whose work revolves around the relationship between humans and nature. A former mountain guide with a graduate degree in geomorphology, Balog has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years USA
Liz Banfield - Wedding and Lifestyle photographer Liz Banfield's images have appeared on the cover of Real Simple Family and Professional Photographer Magazines. Her work also appears in numerous other publications, including Town & Country, O at Home, People, Martha Stewart Weddings, Parenting, and Wondertime.
Jordan Banks - Nikon professional photographer from the UK - Jordan Banks is a travel, documentary and wedding photographer from the UK who, when not on trips, splits his time between Croatia and England. Jordan has travelled to over 80 countries spending large amounts of time in Guatemala, Morocco, Mexico and the former Yugoslavia
Jackie Bayne - Award-winning wedding, event, portrait and commercial photographers Jackie Bayne and Patrick Simione run LOVE SHACK PHOTO, a studio for those who love dynamic, fresh photography & discreet, integrity-driven service. USA
Larry's Cheapshots blog by Larry Becker
"In discussing gadgets and enhancements he had made to improve his own photographic experience, people seemed intrigued by his inventions and money-saving measures. He approached Scott and suggested that there might be a place for a money-saving/DIY segment on the popular podcast DTownTV and the rest, as they say, is history. Cheap Shots was born."
Annie Griffiths Belt USA
Daryl Benson Canada
Robert Berdan - (Robert's photos and an article were featured in the January 2006 issue of PhotoLife magazine) Canada
David Bergman USA
Dave Black USA
Justin Black USA
Jasin Boland & Paul Broben Australia
Gary Braasch USA
Ryan Brenizer's Blog - the official Cameras and Photography expert, and a professional photographer
Scott Buttrick USA
Tony Bynum - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Joey Campbell - Nikon photographer from the USA
Edward Carreon USA
DW Cerino USA
Lloyd Chambers - Nikon (and Canon) professional photographer from the USA
Chris Charlesworth - Nikon photographer from the UK
Based in Yorkshire in the UK, I'm a photographer with 28 years experience of film and digital photography shooting with Nikon gear and am a member of Nikon Pro Users.  Main interest are landscapes, macro shots and architectural work.
Michael Clark USA
Daniel Colegrove USA
Mike Colón USA
Daniel J. Cox USA
David Crausby Germany
Jon Cunningham USA
Bruce Dale USA
Louis Dallara - Nikon photographer from the USA
Sujoy Das - Nikon professional photographer from India
A freelance travel photojournalist based in Kolkata, India. His area of specialisation is the Himalayas where he has been working for the past thirty years. His photographs have been published in leading newspapers, magazines and books worldwide like The Washington Post, APA Publications, Lonely Planet and Outlook Traveler. He is the co- author and photographer of the book SIKKIM – A Travelers Guide with Arundhati Ray, which was a finalist in the Banff Book Competition in the Adventure Travel category. He has held solo exhibitions of his work in New Delhi and Kolkata.
John Dawes USA
Tony Davies-Patrick - Nikon professional photographer from the UK
Skylar DeJohn USA
Nick Didlick Canada
Tanya Divjak Canada
Bill Doster USA
David Doubilet USA
Tim Driver - Nikon photographer from the UK
Uses the Nikon D3 and D700
Ayhan Duman  
Greg duToit - Nikon professional photographer from South Africa
Shaun Edwards - Nikon photographer from the UK
Steven Epstein Canada
Jeremy Eastaugh UK
Ole Christian Eklund - Nikon professional photographer from Norway
"I’m using Nikon D2Xs and Nikon D3. I do portraits, art, sports, concerts and events. I also want to do weddings."
Laurie Excell USA
George Kelly Flanagin
Randy Forshey USA
Christine Foster - Nikon F100, Nikon D200 user in Haddon Heights, NJ - Serving the world :-)
Mitchell Funk USA
Mary Gaetjens USA
Jim Gamblin - Nikon Professional Photographer from the USA
Giggles and Grins Photography - Nikon photographers from the USA Natural light, On-location and Outdoor portraiture photography
Jarmo Glader - Professional commercial photographer from Finland Nikon NPS Member; Equipment: D3, 70-200 f2.8 VR, 35 f2, 50 f1.8, 20 f2.8, SB800 flashes, and Elinchrom studio flasheads
Jessica Gwozdz - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Chicago area professional specializing in maternity, infant, and child portraiture
Israel Hadari Israel
Bill Hatcher USA
Daryl Hawk USA
John Herbst USA

David Hessell - Nikon photographer from the USA - Image Gallery

Brad Hill - I'm constantly being asked what type of gear I use. And why. So here's a ridiculously long accounting of what goes with me into the field. Canada
Markos George Hionos
Professional photographer , specializing in travel photography, digital editorial and documentary. I shoot in B&W and colors. I nave been using Nikon film cameras and Nikon digital cameras with various lenses since the beginning of my career.
Reed Hoffman USA
C. Kurt Holter USA
Thom Hogan USA
Judy Host USA
Carmelo Imbesi Italy
Bruce Jarvis - Nikon professional photographerfessional from New Zealand
Chase Jarvis - Nikon professional photographerfessional from the USA
Bob Johnson USA
Jerry Jones - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Jim Karney
As a Nikon shooter going back to the days of the SP (wish I still had it), my books always include Nikon-centered content. Mastering Digital Wedding Photography was just named a Shutterbug “Book of the Year” and features a good bit of info on RAW workflow, etc.

The next book is due this spring, “The Official Guide to Photodex Proshow will have a chapter on using Nikon DSLR wireless to create live shows. The slides appear in a running show as they are shot-a really cool tool for events like receptions, etc.

Karen Kasmauski USA
James Kay USA
Scott Kelby's Blog (Nikon user and prolific author)
Nick Kessler - Nikon using wedding pro from the USA
Raymond Klass - Nikon photographer from the USA
I photograph mostly nature, and have worked extensively with the National Park System in the UUS as an artist-in-residence.  I currently have a book in its second printing out about my experience at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.
Joe Klementovich - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Anne Knudsen - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Business photography on location for marketing, public relations, corporate events, executive portraits
Azem Koleci - Nikon user pro from Ireland
Bob Krist - USA
Mark LaMonica - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Lars K. Lande Norway
Frans Lanting USA
Peter Llewellyn
I have owned and used Nikon euipment for 25 years and also teach workshops using Nikon gear.
Matt Lit
Thomas D. Mangelsen USA
Gene Martin Award winning New York based photographer Gene Martin is best known for his conceptual portraiture of celebrities and music personalities for the record company and editorial markets. Gene spent fifteen years as a professional guitar player before switching careers. That prior experience has given Gene an invaluable rapport with music and entertainment people.

Besides photographing the likes of Margaret Thatcher to Bill Cosby to Cyndi Lauper, Gene's colorful portraiture of famous jazz musicians has been much heralded. For JazzTimes Magazine alone he has photographed over 50 covers since 1988. His portraits have appeared in mainstream magazines as well including Time, Newsweek, US, People, U.S. News & World Report, New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and many others worldwide as well as over 300 CD covers. In the book, "The Best of Portrait Photography: Tips & Techniques of the Pros" by the former editor of Peterson Photographic, Gene is ranked among the 50 finest portrait photographers in the country.

Gene Martin uses Nikon digital cameras exclusively.

Steve McCurry - USA
Rob McKay - Nikon professional photographer from Canada
Joe McNally - USA
Doug Menuez USA
Mark Meulemans Belgium
David Meyer Spain
Jimmy Meyer USA
Christian Michael - Nikon professional photographer from the UK
Craig Minielly Canada
Caroline Mueller - Nikon photographer from the USA
David Noton UK
The Pro Spot blog by Michael O'Neill
Daniel Ooi - Nikon photographer from Malaysia
Kevin Pack - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Rosanne Pennella USA
Moose Peterson - USA
Peter Skjold Petersen
All images are made with Nikon equipment, most D3 and D3x. Lenses are typically 14-24mm, 85mm f1.4, 70-200mm VR II and 200mm f2 VR.
Rod Planck USA
Andrew Prokos USA
David Purslow - Nikon photographer from the UK
I shoot with D3/D300 combinations and my assistants all carry D300’s. I shoot a lot of creative images using the CLS system and often use 4-6 SB800/900’s to create dramatic effects. In the last year I have been shooting a lot of environmental portraits, again utilizing the Nikon CLS system. I teach photography and run occasional CLS training courses for photographers looking to start to explore the CLS system.
Tim Ray USA
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Bjorn Rorslett Norway
Adam Rowell USA
Galen Rowell USA (deceased)
Natalino Russo - Nikon professional photographer from Italy
John & Terry Sadie Botswana
David Saffir - Nikon photographer from the USA
Bill Sallaz USA

Al Satterwhite


Joel Sartore

Bob Schlesinger - Nikon professional photographer from the Virgin Islands
Keith Sheriff - Nikon professional photographer from the UK
I live in London, but work internationally. I photograph weddings and portraits. I have used Nikon kit since 1989 when I went pro with an F3.

I currently use a D3 and a couple of D200's as back up/spares. I have 12 Nikon lenses ranging from 14mm f2.8 to 300mm f2.8 (with x1.4 and x2 teleconverters). I have a Nikon FM2N for when I go travelling and I want to keep it simple.

Kevin R. Smith USA
John Shaw USA
Kirill Shulman Israel
- Steve Sint has spent a great deal of his life walking down the aisle backwards. He has photographed over 3,500 weddings for his own studio and others in the New York metropolitan area. USA
Curtis Smith USA
Bill Solvibile USA
Carlton SooHoo - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
I use the Nikon D700 and the 8mm fisheye to make my Virtual Tour images
Juergen Specht Germany (residing in Japan)
David Myles Stam - USA
I currently own a Nikon D3 and a FujiFilm S5 along with a D70 and a D200
Ron St. Angelo - Official photographer of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys USA
Cherie Steinberg - Nikon professional photographer from the USA
Tony Sweet USA
Vernetta Thomas - Nikon user from the USA
I previously shot with N70/N90 film cameras. My fist digital Nikon was the D50. I now use a D80/D90. My photographic concentration is Architecture/Objects and People, color and black & white.
Michael Thornton UK photographer in Spain
Paul Treacy USA
Pete Turner USA
Steve Vaccariello USA
Guy Van Hooveld - Nikon professional photographer from Belgium
Chris VanHouten USA
Rudi van Starrex Australia
Alain Vézina - Nikon photographer from Canada
Using Nikon equipment for 28 years. Working in Québec City, Canada as and architectural and industrial photographer.
Michael Weber Germany (German language link)
Jed Wee UK
Elisha Whitmore - Nikon photographer from the USA
I shoot weddings in NY and in the US Virgin Islands.
Dale Wilson Canada