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Parrots Ferry Bridge
Calaveras County, California. The population was 45,578. in the 2010 census. San Andreas, is the county seat and Angels Camp is the only city that is incorporated. Calaveras means skulls; the district was purportedly named for the remains of Native Americans found by the Spanish explorer Captain Gabriel Moraga.

Calaveras County is located in in both the Gold Country and High Sierra California regions.
Knights Ferry Bridge
Knights Ferry as it is known today was initially settled by Dr. William Knight during the spring of 1849. Dr. Knight, beside being a doctor, was a prominent fur trader who also established Knights Landing. The site of Knights Ferry was picked as it was a good area to house a ferry to cross the Stanislaus River, and furnish Knight with a gainful venture in a yet undeveloped California area.
Mokelumne Hill was one of the richest California gold mining towns. Established in 1848 by a group from Oregon, the placers were rich to the point that the miners risked starving rather than make a trip to Stockton for more provisions (one person did just that and made it rich by turning into a merchant). Soon after, gold was found in the local hills, yhere was so much gold that miners were confined to 16 square feet claims, but then many claims were reported to yield as much as to $20,000.
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