CEO and Founder of the Sigma Corporation Michihiro Yamaki

Sigma Founder Dies

CEO and founder of the Sigma Corporation Michihiro Yamaki. died in Tokyo, Japan, of liver cancer on Jan 18, 2012 , he was 78 years old. "Sigma is deeply saddened by his death," president of Sigma Corp of America Mark Amir-Hamzeh, said,. "Mr. Yamaki was a visionary of the industry and his enthusiasm and leadership was the motivating force behind their company’s creativity for over five decades..

Michihiro Yamaki, Sigma Founder

Yamaki began the Sigma Corporation in September of. 1961 with the creation of the first lens converter attached at the rear. At that time, a majority of photo enthusiasts thought that a converter was only able to be mounted at the front end of a camera's lens, but the young optical engineer altered traditional optical theory upside down. In 2011. Sigma Corporation held its 50th anniversary celebration while Yamaki was still at the head of the company.

During his years working in the photo trade, Yamaki was always focused upon producing high-performance, high-quality, photographic technology while keeping the prices down. His company goal was always to create outstanding image quality available for all photographers. With this single thought, he expanded the family-owned company into a leading research, development, manufacturer along with service provider of cameras, lenses, and flash units. Sigma is known as being the largest, third party camera lens manufacturer around the globe manufacturing over 50 current lenses which are compatible with the majority manufacturers, which includes Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax Sigma and Sony.

During 2008, the Sigma Corporation acquired Foveon, a company based in California that’s well known for engineering the X3 imaging sensor . It consists of a patented, three-layer imaging sensor which captures the primary RGB colors using each pixel level laid out in three distinct layers to produce outstanding, high-definition, high-resolution, images with outstanding three-dimensional details and abounding gradation. Last year, Sigma announced the SD1, a revolutionary, direct image sensor 46-megapixel camera, delivering megapixels in excess of any other Digital SLR currently in the market. Sigma continued its premise of filling gaps in the camera industry and photographers needs by beginning 2012 by launching the Digital Neo (DN) lens line for Micro 4/3s and for Sony E-mount cameras.

On top of his photographic insight and inventions, Yamaki made numerous contributions to the camera industry during his 78 years. He served organizations like the: the Japan Machine Design Center, Japan Photo Enterprises Assoc , Photographic Society of Japan,, Japan Optomechatronics Association, and the Japan Camera Industry Institute. Also he was honored with a "Hall of Fame" award by the International Photographic Council (IPC), the "Person of the Year" award by The Photoimaging Manufacturers & Distributors Association (PMDA), plus a Golden Photokina Pin for his lifelong contributions to the camera imaging industry. 

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