Classic to Hot New DVD Movie Releases

Movie genres are often categorized by the the setting film. However, movies with identical settings are most often very different, as unique themes or moods are used. For instance, while All Quiet on the Western Front while the Battle of Midway use a wartime theme, the second movie an anti-war movie that puts the emphasis on the horror and pain of war. and the second uses a theme of honor, valor and sacrifice. Although it can be argued that the movies appear to be shot within an urban setting, with underworld bars and cheap hotels, many classic film noirs take place mostly in suburbia, small towns, and rural locations, or out in open country.

While, animation, children's movies, and non-genre-based movies categories typically include family movies, children's films, documentary movies, cult movies, pornographic movies and silent movies .

It has been argued that melodrama, horror, and pornography movies all fit into the "body genres" category, since they are all have a purpose of eliciting some sort physical reaction on the viewers part. Horror is created to elicit eye-bulging,, white-knuckled, spine-chilling, terror; melodramas are created to get the viewers cry after viewing those misfortunes of the characters onscreen; while pornography is created to extract sexual arousals.

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