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Out of every place in the U.S. where a fisherman can capture a largemouth bass, there are none is as unique as the California San Joaquin Delta Rivers.

Within the 50 some miles between San Francisco and Stockton, there are five major rivers rich in nutrients that flow together and create a mammoth, shallow delta, which has been channeled, dammed and diked into over a 1,000 water miles of fishable, navigable, tule-lined canals, waterways; laydowns, rock riprap, and tidal fluctuations that all flow into the San Francisco Bay.

The building of these levees and canals began back in 1869 and continued over a 60 year period, and over 700,000 acres were reclaimed from the marshland to become the most fertile farmland in California. The canals have turned into a major area of recreation and boating. One can go from Stockton all they way into San Francisco traveling by boat, and large numbers of people do just that, particularly when the 49ers football team are playing a home game.

Over the years, numerous canals have become overgrown with tules and many other forms of vegetation. Erosion by waves has crumbled some dikes and created small, shallow lakes, while in other spots the dikes have turned into small brush-covered islands. Water depths are rarely over 20 feet, although daily tidal fluctuation run from four or five feet

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