Belkin LiveAction Wireless iPhone Remote

A Camera Remote. precisely what iPhone photographers were hoping for

If we only had arms that were 30-foot and retractable we could capture images without the need to be beside our cameras. However that's why there's a new iPhone Shutter Remote that you shoot images using your iPhone from as far as 30 feet from your iPhone without needing super stretchable arms! The remote is pocket-sized that allows you to shoot both photo and video using Bluetooth.

This new iPhone Shutter Remote release is exactly what you need for capturing both group photos and self-portraits without needing to dash to and fro your iPhone. For those of you that have been wanting to play with those long exposure apps, although you could quite never train your hand to be still for any length of time. A remote allows you to prop your phone upon a tripod or on the stand that's included and shoot decisive, shake and blur free long time exposures or movies. And how about making the stop-motion you've been dreaming about making! Simply click the remote, readjust your miniature Lego guy, click on the remote, adjust him again, then repeat as desired. All from your iPhone.

30 foot arms would be somewhat awkward to use anyway. The remote combines a pair of pocket-friendly devices which make it simpler to use a hands-off method of iPhone photography. The included compact iPhone stand can be placed on a wide array of different surfaces to angle and position the smartphone for shooting photos and videos. The Bluetooth remote which is wireless works in harmony with a Belkin LiveAction camera app (which you can get free at the iTunes App Store), for remotely triggering the shutter while using camera mode, or take advantage start & stop recording while using video mode.

Capture iPhone pictures & video from as far as 30 feet away!
The included stand props up your phone and it fits over cases.
Perfect for acquiring self-portraits, group shots, long exposures, and stop-motion
Compact for easy transport
Works with your iPhone using Bluetooth
3.5" x 1" x 1/2" stand functions with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S (iOS 4.3 5, and later), iPod Touch and iPad

The Remote, features a unique feature set for iPhone shooters, and comes in a remarkably well-designed package for mobile users. It includes a Bluetooth-powered wireless remote shutter control, along with a cleverly made support stand which neatly fits into the remote for simple storage. This two-part design still manages to be small enough not to feel cumbersome in your front jeans pocket. Because the remote makes use of Bluetooth, means it doesn’t necessarily need line-of-sight, which many of the IR-based remotes for DSLR cameras. This makes it very convenient, allowing you to hide the remote from photos when shootings photos you also just happen to be included in. Remote capabilities most definitely expands the extent of your iPhone’s camera potential significantly when combined with devices such as the Olloclip, allowing you can shoot pretty excellent macro images without being concerned over shutter shake. it also features its own dedicated video shutter release button, so switching back and forth from a remote distance between still or video recording becomes a no-brainer.

One final thing I like about this Belkin LiveAction Remote: Also it functions as a play and pause remote for iPhone or iPod music playback touch control when the LiveAction camera app is turned off. Real convenient when you have your iPhone docked to your stereo at home.

A Camera Remote is precisely what iPhone photographers were hoping for: a device that completes the functionality gap without any affect on the general mobility of the iPhone or a need for a camera bag. Your requirements may vary, although for my use, the LiveAction remote when paired with an Olloclip, a Glif, and GorillaMobile makes for a hard to beat combination for creating an on-the-go mobile photography kit to cover all the bases.

It bears repeating: The iPhone Wireless Shutter Remote needs the "Belkin LiveAction App" and is free from itunes, although in this situation that’s not any kind of a problem, since you're going to be making use of the remote in situations where you’re shooting a night shot, self-portrait, or some other application where speed is not an issue, although properly setting the shot up is.

Here's where you can get the Bekin Wireless Shutter Remote

New Article - Apr 11, 2012

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