iPhone 4S, A5 Dual-Core Chip, Full HD 1080p Video

iPhone® 4S. it's the most incredible iPhone yet released

I'm pretty much using just the iphone 4s for taking photographs now, while my Nikon DSLR now just sits in the camera bag.

Loaded with amazing new things including the Apple A5 dual-core chip for blistering fast operation and dazzling graphics; a brand new camera featuring advanced optics; full HD 1080p resolution video capture; and Siri, the smart assistant that lets you do things by simply asking. With the introduction of iPhone 4S is the introduction of the iOS 5, the most highly developed mobile operating system in the world, packed with more than 200 new items; and iCloud®, a forward leap of services, free at icloud which work in harmony with your iPhone, iPod touch®, iPad®, PC, or Mac® to seamlessly and wirelessly save your subject matter in iCloud and subsequently push it to every one of your electronic devices.

The iPhone 4Sand iOS 5 combined with iCloud is breakthrough integration that allows the iPhone 4S to be the absolute best iPhone ever. As their competition tries to copy iPhone with feature checklists, only iPhone delivers all of these penetrating innovations that work together in harmony

Comes with the iOS 5
The most innovative mobile operating system in the world, which features more than 200 new innovations which includes Notification Center, a breakthrough way to easily behold and manage all your notifications in a single place uninterrupted plus iMessage, a totally new messaging service allowing you easily send photos, text messages, and videos among every iOS 5 user. iOS 5 is a free software that will be available as an update for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 customers giving them the experience of these exciting new features.

iphone 4S

Siri, a smart assistant that lets you do things simply by asking
Siri knows context letting you talk naturally as you pose questions, for instance, if you say "Will I require an umbrella for this weekend?" it intuitively knows you want a weather forecast. Siri is also knowledgeable about using any personal information you let it access, for instance, if you ask Siri "Remind me about calling my Mother after I return home" it will find "Mother" in your stored address book, or simply ask of Siri "How’s the traffic around here?" and it will determine where "here" is by using your current location. Siri helps you send text messages, email, make calls, reminders, schedule meetings, make notes, get directions, find local businesses, search the Internet and more. Additionally, you can find facts, get answers, and even carry out complex calculations by simply asking. Buy the iPhone 4s for around $289 from Amazon

iCloud is an innovative set of cloud services that are free
Including Documents and Photo Stream in the Cloud, plus in the Cloud iTunes® which all work in harmony with your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad,, PC or Mac to electronically and wirelessly save your content to iCloud and share it with all your devices. As contents change on one device, each of your other electronic devices are automatically and wirelessly updated. iPhone 4S features a brand new camera containing the most highly developed optics in any phone. The large 8 megapixel image sensor has increased the pixels by 60 percent allowing you capture amazing high quality pictures containing more details than ever before. iPhone 4S has a newly created lens, with a bigger f/2.4 aperture plus a sophisticated hybrid IR filter to create brighter, crisper and more precise photographs. The Apple-engineered image signal processor inside the dual-core A5 chip is engineered for performance, and integrated with the attributes included in the iOS 5, allows the camera to be one of the quickest on any phone. On the iPhone 4S, the new Camera application loads much quicker and the successive shot abilities are double the speed, so there's no need to ever miss another memory moment.

New attributes inside the Photo and Camera applications give you instantaneous admittance to the camera up front at the lock screen, while you can also employ the up-volume button to swiftly grab a photo. There's available grid lines to assist in lining up your photo and a straightforward tap locks exposure and focus on your subject; while the new Photos application allows you to rotate, crop, remove red-eye, enhance, then organize your images into albums directly on your phone for sharing while on the move. Fresh iOS 5 attributes include built-in iMessage and Twitter integration, letting you instantly share your images via Twitter straight from the Photos application and send photos using iMessage to one person or a group. While the iCloud's fresh innovative Photo Stream service, an image you capture on your iPhone can be sent directly to iCloud and electronically pushed to your iPod touch, iPad, PC or Mac. You can even browse through your Photo Stream photo album using an Apple TV®.

The capacity to acquire video in full HD 1080p resolution
and thanks to the latest video image stabilization function, you can acquire smoother, richer, movies. Additional iPhone 4S video upgrades include increased sharpness, sensitivity, plus an improved ability to acquire video in poorly lit situations. And the the latest iMessage service included in iOS 5, instantly sharing videos with friends and family is now available.

The same wonderfully thin glass with the stainless steel layout
That millions of uses throughout the world know and love, however, it;s completely new on the interior. The new Apple's A5 dual-core chip provides as high as double the processing power with graphics as much as seven times faster than the iPhone 4, all with the incredible battery life being preserved, now having as much as 8 hours of talk time on 3G.

Building upon the ground breaking stainless steel dual-antenna external layout of iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S becomes the first phone that can switch connecting two antennas by sending and receiving intelligently. iPhone 4S can now download at twice speed using HSDPA as high as 14.4 Mbps while iPhone 4S is also a world phone, allowing both DSM and CDMA users to roam internationally using GSM networks.**

*A few features might not be available for all products.
**Roaming policies for each carrier apply. Availability of HSDPA and network speeds depend upon carrier networks.


iPhone 4s Bikini Shoot

Some of the things things that could use improvement from the camera standpoint: In bright sunlight the screen is nearly impossible to see (it needs a lens shade or viewfinder). Not very good for shooting small rooms, although there are add-on Fisheye, wide-angle and telephoto attachment lenses already available and most of these come with a tripod. This brings me up to another item I'm going to be talking about soon and that's the Belkin remote attachment which is the infrared that Apple forgot to build in, but that's another article.

Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 - Oct 1, 2012

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