Amazon Fire Phone The Amazon Fire Phone is a cell phone composed and created by It was declared on June 18, 2014 and imprints Amazon's first foray into the cell phone market, following the accomplishment of the Kindle Fire tablets, operating the Fire OS working framework. It was available to pre-order on the day it was reported. In the United States, it propelled as an AT&T exclusive in July of 2014.

The telephone is remarkable for its hallmark feature "Dynamic Perspective": utilizing four front-facing cameras and a gyroscope to track the client's movements, the OS conforms the UI with the goal that it provides the impression of depth and 3D. Other striking Amazon services on the phone incorporate X-Ray, utilized for distinguishing and discovering data about media; Mayday, the 24-hour client service tool and Firefly, an apparatus that automatically perceives content, sounds, and questions then offers a way to purchase it through the Amazon online store.

Reception towards the initial Fire Phone was mixed. Reviews were divided over the components of the gadget, numerous calling them contrivances without much viable use, while others felt that they were innovations in the cell phone market. Numerous additionally panned the reconciliation with the Amazon Store, communicating disappointment over the intrusiveness of the suggestions in the telephone's product. Nearly all outlets concurred that it was best to "keep a watch out", getting out past case of Amazon's iterations that enhanced the item. Amazon has not released sales numbers for the Fire Phone, but rather experts have judged that it has not been economically fruitful.

Amazon Fire Phone

Jun 25, 2014
4.7″ screen
13 megapixels (rear)
2 megapixels (front)
September 8, 2015. Amazon finally stops selling the Fire Phone, as company adjusts its hardware strategy. Itís taken more than a year, but Amazon has finally exhausted its supply of Fire Phones.


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