Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 Planar T* Manual Focus Lens

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Brilliant Picture Quality
Even While Shooting at Full Aperture

Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/85 ZE, ZF, ZK LensA short, high-speed telephoto lens specifically created for demanding photography with DSLR and SLR cameras alike. It makes an impression with its vivid, clear viewfinder image which assures brilliant picture quality even while shooting at full aperture, providing the perfect tool for indoors and outdoor portraits alike. A constricted depth of field while shooting wide apertures allows image silhouetting of the scene via the targeted application of blurred backgrounds.

Featuring a special optical layout and a diaphragm containing nine blades with a nearly circular geometry make certain of excellent "bokeh" (aesthetic interpretation of picture areas outside the focus plane). It's is practically distortion-free, which makes it perfect for the highest quality, analog or digital documentation images alike.

This is a timeless portrait focal length telephoto lens that gives an exceptional performance at medium to extended distances. Featuring a 6 elements in 5 groups plus Zeiss T* lens applied coating , you can look forward to distortion-free execution, which really improves as you stop the lens down. The aperture of f/1.4 is quite useful for low light shooting, creatively taking control of the depth of field, plus its almost circular diaphragm aid in creating a pleasant look in your out-of-focus image areas.

Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 comes in Mounts for Canon (ZE), Nikon (ZF), Pentax (ZK)

Canon EF

Now available a "ZE" lens mount, it becomes usable on any camera that can use a Canon EF bayonet mount. All the camera's existing exposure programs (AV, P, M, TV) and the AF function verifications of the camera will work, and lens information (speed and focal length) is relayed to the camera. A few functions that need AF lenses (including some subject functions, A-DEP) may be partially unusable. 

Nikon FX

The Zeiss ZF.2 85mm lens is engineered for use on Nikon F-mount DSLRs. and with an electronic CPU interface, ZF.2 lenses use all major camera modes such as the auto devices for aperture setting, program and time. The CPU also works with manual exposure modes, including cameras which are not compatible with AI. Additionally the lens communicates EXIF information such as date, manufacturer, exposure and metering system to the camera, a photographer doesn't need to manually set his parameters. The quicker handling features of this ZF.2 lens becomes particularly useful under frantic shooting conditions.

Pentax KAF

Now available in a "ZK" lens mount, for use on Pentax K cameras. This 85mm lens fully supports full Manual modes, Aperture Priority, Program mode, and Shutter Priority, using K-type cameras manufactured after 1998 (including. MZ, PZ, ZX, plus all DSLRs)

Sony Alpha

With an equivalent 35mm 127mm focal length (mounted on Sony Alpha cameras featuring APS-C sensor sizes) along with the ability to tightly focus on subjects closer than 3 feet away, it's an ideal lens for shooting low-light or intimate fashion shots, portraits, and spur of the moment candid photos with superior visual preciseness. 

The f/1.4 aperture lens isn't normally as proficient as an f/2 or f/1.8 lens of the same brand , even when stopping both down to around f/5.6. the larger aperture lens is heaver and costs more, so don't select it for your standard lens unless you plan on doing a lot of shooting in poor light situations. There's plenty of reasons to use a big aperture, but there's no need to buy a lens featuring an aperture larger than you need. Mar 16, 2012

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Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/85 ZE, ZF, ZK Reviewed by Gene Wright on Rating: 5