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Even Wide Open it Accomplishes
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Zeiss Distagon T* 2,8/15 The new Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2,8/15 an extra wide angle Distagon lens comes as an EF (ZE- Canon) or F mount (ZF.2) Nikon. Featuring a super-large 110 degree angle of view combined with a large f/2.8 size aperture opening, the Distagon lens facilitates the features that provide dramatic performance and perspectives insisted on by the most motivated architectural and landscape photographers. It has an uncanny ability to record events in an extraordinary and natural way, Also, it's the perfect companion for commercial, advertising and journalism photography.

Because of it's extraordinary angle of view, both the foreground and background may be creatively accentuated in architecture and landscape shooting. These applications can also take advantage of the huge depth-of-field that delivers a wide array of image sharpness beginning with close-ups all the way to infinity. With it's close focus of just 0.25m and a wide viewing angle photographers can go about their work in tight environments, while also allowing them to focus on details close-up. Distortion is well controlled, delivering naturally proportioned photos which are not so typical of numerous other super wide lenses.

Carl Zeiss creates the standard for super wide angle imagery, "Even wide open it accomplishes outstanding detail reproduction and opens up areas for extremely imaginative photography.

The Distagon 15 uses a pair of aspheric lenses along with special glass material types that feature partial abnormal dispersion to deliver an extraordinary chromatic aberration correction. It's floating elements layout provides top image quality all the way from close-focus to infinity. Similar to other SLR lenses included in the Z family, stray light plus reflections are well under control by the anti-reflective lens coating and the highly developed treatment to edges of the lens elements using special paint to absorb light.

The Canon version of the 15mm Distagon f/2.8 includes an electronic shutter control plus additional electronic camera contacts. All of the existing exposure programs (AV,, P, TV, M) plus the AF camera confirmation function are supported. Lens information (speed and focal length) are electronically submitted to the camera. Certain functions requiring AF lenses (with assorted scene modes, including A-DEP) are only partially available

The hearty all-metal barrel is engineered for long time reliable service. With it's long focus rotary motion and smooth encounter it's ideal for those photographers wanting to maintain control of their image making, plus filmmakers looking to maintain superior focus control. it uses a nine bladed aperture to deliver an almost circular opening, creating natural appearing out of focus backgrounds.

A lens shade is built into the design while helping with protecting the lens from unintentional surface damage. There's a 95mm filter thread that accepts all standard filter designs, including the newly released Zeiss T* POL and UV filters. Shipping will commence in May 2012 with a suggested retail price of $2,948. Announced Mar 20, 2012 ✓

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