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Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro Planar T* Manual Focus Telephoto LensZeiss fast 100mm f/2 ZF Manual Focus Makro-Planar T* macro lens that delivers up to 50 percent life-size photographs. This lens contains Arri/Zeiss Master Prime lens optics, the same ones used by the Hollywood movie producers for highly discriminatory focusing. This is the perfect close-up telephoto lens for the precision 35mm Film SLR or DSLR photographer who has the skill to use a manual focusing lens.

You'll love shooting with this lens. Although with the $1,843 price tag, you may have save up for a few years, but you'll want this lens because of it's close up abilities, tack sharpness and renowned bokeh. For close ups (it only gets to 1:2, while some people say that isn't macro) but you can shoot images of plant life and you'll be absolutely thrilled at the eminence of your pictures. Owning a lens that is tack sharp starting at f/2 all the way through f/22 certainly allows the creative thought process to flow freely. Using manual focus with this lens becomes a pure joy to shoot and is exact without any wobble, which speaks its top level construction quality.

If acquiring 1:2 is an issue, then I recommend using a focus rail to assist with this endeavor. It's great for shooting landscapes, and also it makes a delightful pano lens with it's minimal amount distortion. Since the focus is manual, it naturally inspires you to ponder your composition longer, using your tripod to get the precise exposure. It'll make you want to become a better photographer.

This lens is ideal for macro shots, portraits and for general street photography. It's not so good as a walk around lens as the manual focus takes some time to get used to. The focus ring takes a complete 360 degrees to focus from infinity to the nearest distance, so it's a good idea to keep it somewhere around 2 m of focus distance for faster composing. After you get it right, you come to realize it's very much worth the effort!

The lens depiction creates excellent photos an high quality level. So Sell 105mm macro Sigma, because it'll stay in the closet once you acquire the Zeiss. The bokeh of the macro shots is so smooth and creamy while the infocus portions so incredibly sharp, that you simply get a big ear to ear facial grin when you check out the outcome. With a D7000, using the large brilliant viewfinder focusing becomes predictable, although with an f2 setting at 100mm at an 20cm expanse, the depth of field becomes inconceivably small!

There are Zeiss 100mm Mounts available for:
Canon (ZE)
Nikon (ZF)
Pentax (ZK)
Leica, Voigtlander and Zeiss (ZM)
Universal M42 Screw Mount (ZS)  May30, 2011 ✓

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Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro Planar T* Manual Focus Telephoto Lens

Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro Planar T* Manual Focus Telephoto Lens for ZE, ZF, ZK, ZM, ZS Mounts

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