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The Vivitar Corporation, was initially headquarted in Oxnard, California, manufactured, marketed and distributed optical and photographic and equipment The company was sold to Syntax-Brillian Corporation in 2006 for $26 million worth of stock which operated it as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Early in the 1960s, the Vivitar brand was created to compete with other major camera lens companies. The Vivitar negotiated with experienced lens engineers and high end Japanese optical lens companies like Kiron Optical to manufacture their lenses. They then carefully positioned their limited line of products with key photo retail shops and swiftly built a name for quality lenses at reasonable prices. Korean made Samyang lenses are also renamed and sold as as Bower, Bell and Howell, Falcon, Opteka, Phoenix, Polar, Pro-Optic, Rokinon, Sakar,  Vivitar, and Walimex.

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Retailers discovered they could make healthy margins and at the same time give honest value. As their name grew a number of contract lens makers looked them up to promote their products using the Vivitar brand name. During the 1970s, Vivitar added the now-famous Series 1 lenses. These were computer designed latest word in lenses that were reasonably-priced and many times outperformed the camera manufacturers optics of the time.

After succeeding with its aftermarket line of lenses, Vivitar added its own 35mm film camera line built by Japanese companies like Cosina. These cameras include the Cosina-manufactures Vivitar SLR plus the rangefinder Vivitar 35ES/EE cameras.

Following bankruptcy, in 2008, Syntax-Brillian sold the Vivitar intellectual property and name to Sakar International, a consumer electronics maker with headquarters in Edison, New Jersey. Vivitarís equipment, facilities and accounts receivable. was not acquired by Sakar

Sakar which sells cameras and accessories in the lower-range marketplace from $20 to $100 plans further develop its retail digital camera products by applying the Vivitar name on midprice range digital cameras priced at $70 to $300. Otherl Vivitar-branded products which will include camera accessories including digital photo frames are in the works along with prospectivel licensing. The Sakar merchandise line has included compact point and shoot digital cameras, 35 mm SLR cameras, underwater cameras, zoom lenses, flashes, tripods, binoculars, night vision products, and other photographic accessories. 

The Korean made Samyang lenses are the same lenses just renamed as Bower, Opteka, Phoenix, Rokinon, Sakar,  Vivitar and others. Jan 22, 2011 ✓

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