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In photography, a viewfinder is the thing that the picture taker looks through to make, and as a rule to focus, the photo. Most viewfinders are separate, and suffer from parallax, while the more complex single-lens reflex camera gives the viewfinder a chance to utilize the main optical system. Viewfinders are utilized as a part of numerous types of cameras: still and motion picture, film, digital and analog. A zoom camera more often than not zooms its discoverer in sync with its lens, one exception is the rangefinder cameras.

Viewfinders are typically optical or electronic. An optical viewfinder is essentially a telescope mounted in reverse to see what the camera will see. Its disadvantages are numerous, however it has two primary advantages; it uses no power, and it features "full resolution" (i.e. the resolution of the picture taker's eye). A viewfinder that's electronic is a CRT, OLED or LED based display device, however the CRT is infrequently utilized today because of size and weight. Notwithstanding its main role, an electronic viewfinder can be utilized to replay already captured material, and as an on-screen display to look through menus. ProOptic Viewfinder width= It is not unusual for a camera to contain two viewfinders. For instance, a digital still camera may contain an optical viewfinder plus an electronic one. The last can be utilized to replay already acquired material, has an on-screen display, and can be turned off to conserve battery power. A camcorder also may have two viewfinders, both of them electronic. The first is seen through an magnifying eyepiece, and because of a rubber eyepiece it can be seen perfectly even in brilliant light. The second viewfinder would be bigger, of a higher resolution, and might be mounted on the side of the camera. Since it uses more power, a strategy is typically provided to turn it off to spare on battery power.

A few special purpose cameras contain no viewfinders. These are, for instance, web cameras and video surveillance cameras. They utilize external monitors as a viewfinder.

An optional Right Angle Viewfinder is an incredible approach to go all "Hasselblad" on your photography. Attach one to your DSLR and capture those artful shots from your waist or other contortionate positions. Intended for shooting at lower angles, and additionally to take macro photography. Comfortable for taking photographs in various angles and locations.

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