A clamp-pod, which is a ball head attached to a C-clamp

Manfrotto 243 Car Window Pod
Manfrotto 243 Car Window Pod

The Manfrotto 243 Car Window Pod clamps gently but firmly onto a car window or a window sill, and permits photography or videography from the comfort and safety of your automobile. It features a 3/8" thread, which allows it to accept any of the Manfrotto heads. Ideal heads for this clamp are the 482 Micro Ballhead, the 3232/234 Swivel/Tilt Head, or the 700RC2 Mini Video Fluid Head.   Manfrotto 243,390RC2 Quick Release Car Window Pod with Pan and Tilt Head $84.90

Prices were obtained from average internet prices and may have changed from the posting date. Sunpak Clamp Pod PRO - with Flex Arm and Mini Ball Head.Sunpak Clamp Pod PRO - with Flex Arm and Mini Ball Head. This clamp pod comes with one flex arm with a mini ball-head mounted on the clamp. It has two 1/4-20" screws on the clamp, and with a second flex arm connected this clamp can be used for a mini-light set-up, or for a multitude of other uses. The clamp is perfect for mounting onto a car window, or any other surface as thick as 2", or as thin as a couple of mm's. $14.97.

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