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Tokina Makes Lenses to fit Canon, Nikon, Sony and T-Mount

Especially known for its filters Tokina has been producing conversion lenses since the 1960s and now produces camera lenses under the Tokina brand name.

Tokina was founded by a group of Nikon engineers who left Nikon to concentrate on the development of high-quality zoom lenses, which were rare at the time. Originally an OEM manufacturer only, in the early 1970s they began selling lenses under their own Tokina brand.  Kenko Co., Ltd. (株式会社ケンコー ,Kabushiki-gaisha Kenkō?) a Japanese manufacturer and trading company of photographic accessories, especially known for its filters has been producing conversion lenses since the 1960s now produces camera lenses under the Tokina brand name.

Tokina’s FiRIN line of lenses appears to be their next-generation lineup for full-frame mirrorless, currently only available for Sony FE mount, along with the Opera line of lenses which is available for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

Tokina’s latest FiRIN lens, this 100mm f/2.8 Macro, is the second optic available exclusively for the Sony FE (full-frame E) mount. Their first FiRIN lens, the 20mm f/2, was widely praised as a great bit of glass. Hopefully, there are more of these lenses to come!

Hopefully, we’ll see FiRIN lenses become available for Nikon and Canon full-frame mirrorless systems soon, too!.

Newest Tokina Interchangeable Lenses

Tokina redesigned ATX-i 11-16mm F2.8 CF lens

for Canon EF, Nikon F mounts
Oct 17, 2019

Tokina Opera 50mm F1.4

Announced Feb 28, 2018 Canon EF, Nikon F (FX)
Tokina Firin 20mm F2 FE MF Lens
Tokina Firin 20mm F2 FE AF

Announced Feb 22, 2018 Prime lens • Sony FE

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