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Tokina 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 AT-X840 AF D AF Telephoto Zoom LensThis Digital age Tokina is considered the smallest 400mm SLR telephoto zoom  lens available today. Featuring fast and smooth internal focusing with a metal inner barrel which encompasses the weightiest glass elements doesn't rotate during focusing, allowing it to be much quicker than the previous version.

From an optical point of view, the AT-X840 features new multi-coatings which are applied to the lens elements that are devised to adjust to the extremely reflective CCD and CMOS image sensors in modern DSLR cameras. This new multi-coating significantly decreases the probability of internal flaring or ghosting reflections. Optimized for mounting on DSLR cameras, with a 35mm equivalent focal range of about 128-640mm.

Because it's a long focal length, shooting with or without an added tele-converter requires professional shooting techniques for sharp, clear images. Employ the best lens at hand to obtain the best results. Use a sturdy tripod, and employ the reflex mirror lockup mechanism when practical and also a cable remote release to further diminish any risk of blur created by vibrations.


The phrase superzoom or hyperzoom is often used as a sales pitch for zoom lenses featuring unconventionally long focal length factors, most of the time larger than 4 while ranging as high as 15, e.g., 35mm-350mm. The longest ratio for DSLR cameras is the Tamron 18-70 mm lens, providing 15. A few Digital Cameras have even greater zoom ratios as high as 35. On behalf of movie and TV use, Panavision is the record holder with a 300X HD Lens. Although in recent years superzoom lenses have greatly improved, they still must go a long way to catch up with shorter-range zoom and prime photographic lenses. Most significant is the greatly increased probability of substantial distortions of an image at either extreme end of the zoom range. Other potential issues include reduced maximum apertures and inferior autofocus performance


A Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 model should preserve professional caliber sharpness in conjunction with a top quality telephoto lens. Although cheap, they cost much less money than the price of an additional, longer lens; allowing them to be a prudent investment for budget aware photographers.

With any long focal length--with or without a tele-converter--professional shooting techniques are essential for sharp images. Use the best lens available for the best results. Mount the equipment on a rigid tripod, use reflex mirror lockup when practical and a cable release to reduce the risk of blur caused by vibrations.  The Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 models should maintain pro caliber sharpness with telephoto lenses of top quality. Though not inexpensive, you can acquire these fine devices for much less than the cost of another, longer lens; hence, they should be a suitable investment for value conscious photographers.

The minimal factor used here is 5 or more. A 28200 mm has a 75 to 12.3 angle of view, a 28300 mm (or an 18200 mm for an APS DSLR) has an 11.1x 75 to 8.2 Apr 16, 2011

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