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Tamron AF 55-200mm F/4-5.6 Di II LD Model A15 Telephoto Zoom Lens Tamron Di II 55-200mm Zoom. It's a compact and amazingly light telephoto zoom lens, and a perfect add-on to the lens that was initially delivered with your DSLR camera. It lets you capture those big grins you love to acquire up close using a powerful zoom.

It's a telephoto zoom engineered to be used on DSLR cameras only and covers an equivalent 85-310mm focal length range when a 35mm SLR format ratio is applied. The lens will let DSLR photographers which are only using the kit lens zoom to readily enjoy the professional pulling & compression appearance a telephoto lens delivers.

Engineered to only be used on DSLR cameras, with a smaller image circle, resulting in a really compact case measuring 3.3" and uses a standard 52mm filter and weighing a scant 10.4oz. The configuration of this lens will result in serious vignetting when mounted on a full frame size digital SLR or SLR 35mm film camera.

This 55-200mm zoom has a Minimum Focusing aloofness of 37.4" throughout the total zoom range, the upper end of the nearest focusing distance for tele-zoom lenses. Because it's magnification ratio at it's maximum of f/200mm is f/3.5, you are able to take pleasure in convenient and easy close-up shooting.

The lens uses a 9-blade practically circular diaphragm, it delivers naturally blurred backgrounds as out-of-focus results are wanted. These effects are created using a shallow field depth using a telephoto lens and when shooting close-up macro photography, taking advantage of the outstanding 0.95m MFD specifications over the total zoom range and it's maximum 1:3.5 magnification ratio.

The AF 55-200mm zoom contains a fresh new optical layout for taking advantage of the overall dissemination of optical power and in the process, diminishing various aberrations to a total minimum and accomplishing remarkable reduction in size in the process. In addition, a glass Low Dispersion element (LD) is used to take care of effective compensation of lateral and on-axis chromatic aberration, a crucial attribute in enhancing the optical quality, resulting, in a lens that delivers excellent optical operation over the total zoom spread.

The lens uses a fresh optical design to restrict the changing incidental light ray angles from entering the imager from within a particular scope over all of image field by be conscious of the effects of variables created by zooming. Peripheral fall-off of light has been diminished compared to typical lenses for film SLR cameras, so resulting photos are uniformly brilliant from center to edges. The lens produces high picture quality contrast, resolution, and flat image field. By using Internal Surface Coatings plus multiple-layer technology coating upon normal elements, flare and ghosting from reflections that occur as light enters into the lens front element and resulting reflections created by the imagers are diminished to an absolute minimum.

Enhancements have also been done to the exterior layout and features of the lens. A superior hybrid mount created of extremely lightweight durable, engineering plastic accurately molded over an extremely durable core of stainless steel.

Image quality is poor and contrast and saturation becomes low Even when focused properly, there is a loss of contrast and saturation at the longer zoom lengths, and the effects are typically beyond any help from Photo Shop. It's so sad; the lens feels really good in your hands; it's a respectable size, with a good build, and the hood that's included hood is nice; just short on image quality. Nov 20, 2011 ✓

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