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The super fisheye Sunex 5.6mm f/5.6 Lens is one of those super-width fisheye lenses that covers 185, featuring plenty of overlap to capture a complete spherical image from only a pair shots. This lens was specifically created for DSLR cameras that use the APS-C image format . Featuring an image circle diameter of 14.5mm, this SuperFisheye develop an entire circular photo from within the imager area of the camera.

The preset focal point and fixed aperture opening design of this optical lens allows photographers to shoot optimized quality images both indoors and outdoors. Additionally the preset aperture simplifies the lens operation, and cuts down on potential focus errors.

The lens is particularly appropriate for virtual reality photography and software-based panorama stitching. It bestow exaggerated perspectives and unique distortion effects. Sunex also offers a link for a free download for the Dewarper software Plug-In program for Photoshop (PCs only, sorry MACs). Dewarper is a added software for fixing or optimizing distortion occuring when photographing with accepted fisheye lenses, including the Sunex SuperFisheye lens. This program is built upon a proprietary algorithm created by Sunex relying upon expertise from real-world lens engineering and manufacturing.

The Sunex DSLR rounded superfisheye lens designed for Nikon cameras is a new style of fisheye lens created exclusively for DSLR cameras which employ APS-C or DX image processors. Unique from other fisheye lenses, the Sunex SuperFisheye creates an all-embracing circular image from inside the camera imager sphere. It captures an 185 field of view from just one's a high quality, yet easy-to-use lens featuring an optimized stationary aperture and focus position to accomplish the greatest image quality for use in panoramic photography. This lens is engineered utilizing state of the art optical creation software taking full advantage of recently discovered high-index glass to accomplish sharp images from edge to center. BBAR optical coatings are addeded to all air-to-glass crossing points to keep minimize overall flare and ghosting.  Mounts for Canon and Nikon and Four Thirds with adapter. Jun 23, 2011 ✓

Sunnex Fisheye Image A fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology to study cloud formation and called "whole-sky lenses", fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Hemispherical photography is used for various scientific purposes to study plant canopy geometry and to calculate near-ground solar radiation.


The first types of fisheye lenses to be developed were "circular fisheyes" lenses which take in a 180 hemisphere and project this as a circle within the film frame. Some circular fisheyes are available in orthographic projection models for scientific applications. These have a 180 vertical angle of view, and the horizontal and diagonal angle of view are also 180. Most circular fisheye lenses cover a smaller image circle than rectilinear lenses, so the corners of the frame will be completely dark.


This high quality, yet simple-to-use lens features an optimized fixed aperture and focus to achieve the best image quality for panoramic photography. This lens is designed using the state of art optical design software taking advantage of newly available high-index glasses to achieve sharp image from center to edge.

BBAR coatings are applied to all air-glass interfaces to keep the overall flare/ghosting at a minimum. The Dewarper DSLR distortion correction/optimization software is recommended for this lens

The optional Panoramic Rotator (#SUR3S) is designed exclusively for the SuperFisheye lens, to achieve precise lens rotation about its nodal point. It eliminates the need to determine the location of the nodal point for each lens/camera manually. It has 3 detent positions at 120 degree each.

Made of anodized aluminum with laser-etched markings.

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Lens styleFisheye
Max Format Size 35mm  
Lens focal length5.6 (fixed)  
Stabilization type No
Camera mount Nikon
Angle of view 185  
Largest aperture opening 5.6 (fixed)
Smallest aperture opening 5.6 (fixed)  
Includes aperture ring No  
Total diaphragm blades None
Total Elements 7  
Number of Groups 5  
Coatings / special elements BBAR coatings are applied to all air-glass interfaces to keep the overall flare/ghosting at a minimum  
Minimum focus distance 1.6' (0.5 m)  
Autofocus type No
Motor No  
Full time manual focus N/A  
Focusing method Preset  
Lens distance scale No  
Depth of field scale No  
Magnification Not Specified by Manufacturer  
Overall weight1 lb (470g)  
Lens diameter 2.7" (70mm)  
Overall length 3.5" (90mm)  
Construction materials Anodized aluminum with laser-etched markings  
class="label">Lens ColorBlack  
Zooming method N/A  
Filter thread size None  
Lens hood included No  

Lens Includes
Sunex 5.6mm f/5.6 SuperFisheye Fixed Focus Lens
Front Cap
Rear Cap
Padded Nylon Lens Case
5-Year Warranty


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