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Using Extenders

Utilizing extenders/tele-converters is a cost saving approach to extend your focal length as compared buying a longer lens – however there can be a cost to your picture quality and camera performance in the event that you are not working with a quality lens in good light.

I think they are well worth utilizing in the event that you require the additional range however I wouldn't utilize them for every photo. I certainly carry my 1.4x extender when shooting with a 70-200mm lens.

When utilizing a teleconverter make an effort not to stop them down the maximum aperture that your camera will permit – however stop it down no less than a single stop and you'll discover the outcomes are fundamentally better. Likewise remember that longer focal lengths will leave you you with less depth of field – so you're focusing should be on target!

Teleconverters versus Cropping

Obviously the alternative to utilizing a teleconverter or extender is to take your pictures with what ever lens you have and after that to crop those pictures later in post processing. This is unquestionably the less expensive choice – however in my own particular experience, I've obtained better results using a teleconverter. It's possible to get away with cropping – yet in the event that you need to truly blow up your pictures a lot the converter will be an alternative to consider.

Choosing Lenses

While selecting lenses for your Sony camera, remember teleconverters. 2X teleconverters are more well known and effective. 1.4X teleconverters are more useful and frequently have less distortion as well. 3X teleconverters are rarely used any longer, as they have so much picture degradation and worse than essentially making a small picture larger. Teleconverters are much better on long elephoto lenses (200mm and up) than on shorter shorter lenses and normally work better on prime lenses as compared to zoom lenses. You lose a stop of light with a 1.4X teleconverter. So a 135 f/2.8 lens turns into what might as well be called a 190mm f/4. A 200mm f/4 turns into a 280mm f/5.6 equivalent.Using a 2X teleconverter, your 135mm f/2.8 gets to 270mm f/5.6 and your 200mm f/4 is a somewhat slow 400mm f/8 equivalent. You can likewise make your 50mm f/1.8 lens into a 100mm f/3.5 utilizing a 2X. teleconverter

Teleconverters for Sony 35mm Cameras
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Sigma APO Teleconverter 2x EX DG for Nikon Mount Lenses.
Sigma APO Teleconverter 2x EX DG
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Sony SAL-20TC 2.0x Teleconverter Lens
for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera

Sony SAL-14TC 1.4x Teleconverter Lens
for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera

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