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There Are Many Things Going For This Camera

Sony Alpha SLT-A77 Introducing the Sony SLT-A77 DSLR Camera There are many things going for this camera, and the 24.3Mp image sensor is no small thing. Just imagine all the opportunities 24.3 MP of resolution can do, like mural capturing sized prints, astonishing detail, abounding color, plus much more! If you're star struck over the medium format camera back pixel power, although in a DSLR set up, your wait is now over.

Sony also installed the 2nd edition Translucent Mirror Technology scheme in the A77. So exactly what is this technology all about? It provides camera focus using the speed and precision of Phase Detection autofocus to simultaneously shoot. This was an unheard of feat in the digital photography world, that is until now. The camera also show off the upgraded Sony BIONZ imaging processor. The processor carries out many tasks, including effectively transferring captured images to your memory card chip. It also cuts visual noise down, and assures that functions like the 6-image layering, plus 2D/3D Sweep Panorama act in harmony, and with the needed speed.

More than a just still camera, the Sony A77 also shoots high-quality AVCHD 1920 x 1080p movies at 24p or 60p. You can also record at 60i. HD video may also be captured using total manual control. What that means is that the whole mode dial is there for your beck and call: Shutter Priority, Program, Aperture Priority, Full-Time Live View (using LCD or EVF) and Manual. Live View, may also be used as Full-Time Phase Detection autofocus. Naturally the latter being a smart way to automatically correct focus, while you deliberate on the scene in front of you.

The DSLR also provides, several things above and beyond less-sophisticated cameras, such as viewfinder, the same way all your mentors used to photograph. The OLED viewfinder on the A77 allows you to take your eye away from the LCD monitor and ion to the right circumstance for acquiring successful photos. Like almost every viewfinder, this one keeps glare and other distractions at bay. Although the thing the OLED viewfinder takes care of that's way above and past the herd includes reducing motion blur when viewing the Tru-Finder monitor. Also, the OLED contains a 2359K dot resolution with a high ratio contrast. It also lets you in on camera adjustment results in real time featuring accurate color and detail.

Naturally, the SLT-A77 also has an LCD monitor too, although not just an ordinary old screen. This one swivels and tilts for shooting anything from difficult-to-get at shots to lucrative evaluating of footage in tough lighting situations. So what else does this sort of LCD screen let you do? Well , there's self-portraits? (Everyone knows you shoot them... all 'creative' photographers do!) When it's not being used, the monitor folds flat against the camera for secure storage and travel.

For shooting performance, regarding all internal things on the Sony A77, the camera up those 24.3 megapixels with the kind of attribute and modes one can expect. First of all, the camera does burst shooting as fast as 12 fps using full resolution; which is really good news for sports shooters. Also it boasts an ultra-short time lag of just 0.05 seconds. And there's 16,000 ISO sensitivity plus 1200- exposure zone metering. This metering mode reads direct from the a77's primary image sensor and provides a choice of Center,, Multi, and Spot metering.

There's more proprietary shooting attributes, the A77 has a bunch of those too! Although you can shoot using manual, you could find yourself fiddling around with all the included options for conveying your creative side. For starters, there's dual control dials which allow you to access to two unique settings at the same time. All the conventional P/A/S/M camera exposure settings are located there. Using into the menu settings you'll discover functions like the 19-point AF, Object Tracking autofocus, plus 6-image layering for starters. Go a little farther in and you'll find Handheld Twilight mode plus Multi-Frame NR there to assist you capture superb poor-light pictures.

You'll also find goodies like built-in GPS. The on-board GPS receiver documents the position and time of each photo you shoot, allowing you to later view them on a map that has congruent computer and Internet programs. The GPS is also ideal for those who are into 'geo-tagging'.

There are Eleven Picture Effect modes giving you one more way to further express your creativity with options such as Retro Photo, Pop Color, Toy Camera, plus much more. Old standbys such as face detection and the Sony Smile Shutter are still there for you to also use.

Like any great DSLR camera worth its weight, Sony included a built-in flash unit for easily acquiring poor light images. The flash can also be used trigger optional wireless flash units. The A77 also employs an on-board hot shoe allowing attachment of assorted external flashh units and flash accessories (all available separately). Announced Aug 24, 2011

 The lowlight performance is very disappointing which is directly related to the extremely high pixel density of the image sensor. See my article on image sensor formats

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