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Reminds One of of a Professional Digital SLR Camera

Sony Alpha SLT-A57 The SLT-A57 Alpha DSLR Camera combines the control along with the quality that reminds one of of a professional Digital SLR camera and includes the efficiency and convenience of a point & shoot camera. This integration of technologies lets you create outstanding imagery while using a simplistic functionality and interface. Encompassing an APS-C Exmor 16.1MP HD CMOS image sensor, the A57 has the ability to acquire highest of quality stills and movies with excellent sensitivity in low light. The A57 also has the Translucent Mirror Engineering provides continuous AF monitoring, delivering ensured sharpness when capturing full HD 1080p movies or when photographing stills up to 12 frames per second.

This heightened performance spills over into several attributes designed specifically for gathering the best images feasible without you needing to be apprehensive over any specific settings of the camera. A unique function is Auto Portrait Framing that can automatically recognizes a portrait situation and acquire balanced portraits based upon the attributes of your subject. It also utilizes numerous other modes, including Smile Shutter, Face Detection, and Face Registration, to create an appealing composition which is based upon the position of your subject within the frame, how the light is upon them., and the spot they are looking Clear Image Zoom can also be used for Auto Portrait Framing, which has the capability to zoom to the middle of your picture up to 2x and have hardly any noticeable picture degradation.

Monitoring and playback of your images is further simplified using the enhanced Tru-Finder Electric Viewfinder and the tilt-able high resolution LCD screen. The A57's Tru-Finder viewfinder delivers an array of useful information in the display along with the capability to preview effects of white balance modifications, exposure control, plus other creative modes. The LCD monitor is 3.0" and contains 921,600-dots to see sharp details using Live View or during playback. It may also be rotated up 270 and tilted up 180 in a multiplicity of different directions.

Translucent Mirror Engineering is at the heart of the A57 and affords a stable base for much of its high speed operations. This technology automatically moves light to both autofocus sensor and the image sensor on a constant basis for fast, responsive accomplishments.

A 15 point autofocus system continuously monitors the image frame. It can quickly and responsively alter the AF. Continuous focusing is particularly useful when precise focus is necessary while recording videos or when using continuous mode to shoot. It employs 15 points, and also includes 3 cross sensors providing precise accuracy and speed as it determines focus points. This focusing effectiveness is even very capable in low-light environments and when employed while tracking moving subjects. ✓

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