Sony 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DT Compact Super Telephoto Zoom Lens

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Get in Extremely Close to Your Targets
From a Secure Distance

Sony 75-300mm Lens The Sony SAL 75-300mm lets you get in extremely near to your targets from a secure distance, while you can also capture amazing close-up portraits and not make your subjects nervous. This compact zoom brings you closer in to action targets or portrait subjects. The, 4x lightweight zoom is a good value and a great selection for encompassing outdoor activities and action sports, even in big stadiums.

Its broad zoom range acts like a 112.5-450mm mounted on a SLR film camera takes care of both middle-range subjects and portraits images from a comforting distance, keeping people from having anxiety, and even acquire intimate aspects and natural close at hand wonders.

A super telephoto range lens you can comfortably shoot with all day. Big 4X Zoom Capability: The single lens brings you from those close-ups, to super telephoto zoom, to portraits. You can acquire faces, wildlife, and architectural facets about as near as five feet from the camera.

Created for superior performance using both APS-C, DSLR, CCD image sensors and 35mm SLR cameras. A circular aperture provides sources of light a joyful circular defocused background effect

On high contrast scenes, purple fringing becomes very severe, along with magenta and purple halos encompassing every bright object inside your images when they are enveloped by darker backgrounds.

This phenomenon increases as you further zoom out, and is magnified in large prints. In fact, this purple fringing is so evident it can even be seen on an 8R size print. The purple fringing most evident when shooting in broad dayligh. Higher quality alpha bodies only make the effect even more noticeable with their additional megapixels.

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75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Compact Super Telephoto Zoom
Ideal for portraits, sports, long-distance subjects
Compact, lightweight design for comfortable shooting
Long 4X zoom for greater flexibility in composing shots
Close-up shooting, as near as 5 feet to the camera
Circular Aperture for pleasing defocused effects
Focal Length 35mm Equivalent: 75 300 mm

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Principal specifications
Lens Type Zoom lens  
Max Format Size 35mm FF  
Focal length 75 300 mm  
Image stabilization No  
Lens mount Sony Alpha  
Angle of view 32 to 8  
Maximum aperture F4.5 - F5.6  
Minimum aperture F32.0 - F38.0  
Aperture ring No  
Number of diaphragm blades 7  
Aperture notes circular aperture  
Elements 13  
Groups 10  
Minimum focus 1.50 m (59.06")  
Maximum magnification 0.25 x  
Autofocus Yes  
Motor type Screw drive from camera  
Full time manual Unknown  
Focus method Extending front  
Distance scale No  
DoF scale No  
Weight 460 g (1.01 lb)  
Diameter 71 mm (2.80")  
Length 122 mm (4.80")  
Color Black  
Zoom method Rotary (extending)  
Filter thread 55 mm  
Hood supplied Yes  
Hood product code circular hood  
Tripod collar No

Lens Includes

Sony SAL-75300 AF D 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Autofocus Lens
Front & Rear Lenscaps
1-Year Warranty


Sony 75-300mm Lens

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