Sony SAM 55-200mm f/4-5.6 DT Version 2 Lens

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Sony 55-200mm Lens An ideal autofocus lens to go with the Sony 18-55mm lens that came as a kit. This lens acts like an of 82.5 to 300mm on a 35mm SLR film camera. Another way of saying it's an inexpensive, short-through-long telephoto zoom lens for the up-and-coming photographer. It's just right for travel, image and nature photography while Its low cost, layout, and overall dimensions all lead the beginner to start comfortably accessorizing their camera bag, and begin developing an optic library for their photography.

This is the version number two of this lens. Being a compact, lightweight layout lets it be carried as easy as the standard lens, while all your shots take advantage of an Sony Super SteadyShot image stabilizer system integrated into every Sony Alpha DSLR body. Due to light with unique wavelength (or color) bending at different angles as it take place through a lens, Extra-low Dispersion Glass (ED) is employed to Purge chromatic aberration by adjusting certain light wavelengths for crisp, clear images containing well delineated colors

Perhaps the SAL 55-200mm is the most reasonably priced telephoto zoom lens ever presented by Sony. The lens has take the place of the more powerful SAL 75-300mm lens in Sony's latest double-lens camera bundles. The lens came packaged with double-lens bundles for Sony alpha camera bodies like the Sony DSLR-230, 290, 330, 380, 390,450, 500 and the 550.

Despite the cost of the SAL 55-200mm and its shorter reach compared with the SAL 75-300mm, along with the reality that it only works with the APS-C image sensors, the optical accomplishments of this reasonably priced zoom lens more than just makes it a commendable addition to the camera bag of any hobbyist or photo enthusiast. Purple fringing becomes visible at longer focal lengths having strong contrasting edges, although the effect is well controlled. The lens performs beautifully under modest sunlit situations, while the lens reach makes it a nice portrait lens with a camera shy subject. Using focal lengths from 150-200mm, the constrict perspective and increased perception defocusing will beautifully bring the subject to the front while thrusting the back drop into a miasma while having no obvious color distortions, a characteristic of a high quality telephoto DSLR lens.

Although unfortunate for most people, the single lens bundle containing the SAL18-55mm is more common place for a majority of the latest Sony DSLR packages. While the upgrade cost from the one lens bundle to the two lens bundle typically runs between 60 and 100 dollars, I suggest that any photographer who is going to obtain their very first Sony DSLR camera (or a replacement camera) to get this lens as part of a dual-lens bundle, which is totally worth the cost.  Not congruent with 35mm SLR or "full-frame" DSLR cameras. Aug 29, 2011. Typical internet price $200. Announced May 18, 2009 ✓

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Sony 55-200mm Lens

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