SLR Magic Toy Lens to fit Micro four thirds and Sony e-mount

SLR Magic Toy Lens to fit Micro four thirds and Sony e-mount Cameras

SLR Magic Toy Lens If you thought you were having fun with your micro four thirds camera, just wait till you put one of these babies on it. That's when the real Fun, Fun, Fun! begins. The 26mm 1.4 Toy Lens to fit Micro four thirds (a 52m equivalent lens when mounted on a Micro four thirds camera). Another brand new SLR Magic lens with a whole bunch of fun, is great in poor light, and simple to manually focus. After shooting several photos using a Panasonic Lumix DMC G2 with this lens and the majority were set at ISO 1600 shot in poor light. I'm pretty satisfied happy with the photos considering this lens is touted as a "Toy Lens".

Shooting with this lens, does create a Toy Lens look although itís clearly unique, strangely twisted, and provides a very shallow field depth. If you are a sharpness freek, look elsewhere as sharpness will not happen using this lens (although, it CAN become sharp at the point of focus) although what results is an earthy character and itty bitty size. Mounted on the Lumix DMC G2 this guy is compact! It's a hoot to shoot with it and it's yet one more SLR Magic lens that's good to keep for my collection! Also I think that using it on the Lumix DMC G2 (which is pretty inexpensive these days). I think I'll start packing this combination with me everywhere as it doesn't matter what I photograph using it, the results are unique. Love it!

The SLR Magic Lens can be purchased direct on on Amazon or on ebay. My experience using them has been tremendous. extremely fast and professional. What's the price tag on this lens? A big $119.95! which is reasonable for a lens packing this much fun. I recommend this fun lens to any Micro Four Thirds photographer who wants their photos to get a earthy, creative boot in the lower extremity. The lens is complete with with lens cap and numerous colored bands allowing you to customize your lens's look. Really HOT!, and clearly, toy like! This one may turn out to be better overall than the SLR Magic 35 1.7 lens that they make for the Micro Four Thirds and NEX cameras. Jul 21, 2011 ✓

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