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Since 2007 Sigma has developed six DSLR cameras, including the FP1, SD9, SD10 and SD14, SD1 and SD1 Merrill. In 2008, Sigma also added a high end Compact Digital Camera, known as the DP1 which employs the same big image sensor that's installed in Sigma’s DSLR cameras. Sigma has established a dedicated base from a wide array of photographers, of amateur and Pro. Photographers that expressed a wish to include the "TRUE" image processing engine, which is employed in the Sigma DP1, into a DSLR camera. To meet this request, the SD15, featuring a direct image high resolution sensor, has been built around the just released "TRUE II" image sensor processor engine. The new combination provides superior image quality along with quicker processing speed, procedures and performance.

Except for the new FP1, All other Sigma Cameras, including SLR and DSLR cameras employ the Sigma SA mount, which is mechanically analogous to the Pentax K mount plus it's an electrical reworked copy of the Canon EF lens mount lens management system.

Sigma lens and Sigma lenses are also made by Sigma as well as the Sigma SD9 and the Sigma SD10 cameras.

Sigma Cameras

Sigma fp Mirrorless

Announced Jul 11, 219 25 megapixels | 3.2″ screen | Full frame sensor
Sigma sd Quattro
Sigma sd Quattro
Announced Feb 23, 2106 29 megapixels | 3″ screen | APS-C sensor
Sigma sd Quattro H
Sigma sd Quattro H
Announced Feb 23, 2016 45 megapixels | 3″ screen | APS-C sensor
Sigma SD1 Merrill

Sigma SD1 Merrill

Feb 8, 2012 ✓
46 MP • 3″ screen
• APS-C sensor
Sigma Images

Sigma SD1 15MP APS-C SD1  
Sigma SD14 14MP SLR
Sigma SD14 14MP SLR>
Sep 26, 2006 Discontinued
New Sigma SD15 digital SLR camera
Sigma SD15 14 MP Digital SLR Camera

• Feb 20, 2010 Discontinued

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