Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-6.3 EX APO DG OS HSM SLD Lens

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A Big 10x High Zoom Ultra Telephoto Ratio Zoom

Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-6.3 EX APO DG OS HSM SLD Lens The newest Sigma f/4.5-6.3 APO 50-500mm HSM DG OS. It's a big 10x high zoom ultra telephoto ratio zoom featuring the Sigma original Optical Stabilizing function.

The lens encompasses a big focal length range from 50mm through a 500mm ultra telephoto. The Optical Stabilizer (OS) feature allows you to select shutter speeds around 4 stops less than might otherwise be possible to do. There are four Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass elements which provide excellent correction for color aberration. A Super Multi-Layer Lens Coating diminish ghosting and flare while ensuring high image quality right through the total zoom range.

The 50-500 has a max magnification 1:3.1 ratio (at a 200mm focal length) making it just right for close-up shooting. The 50-500 also includes a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM), ensuring silent and high speed autofocus along with a full-time manual focusing feature. By adding an 1.4x or 2x Tele Converter creates a 70-700mm f/6.3-8 or even a 100-1000mm f/9-12.6 manual focus zoom lens .

The 50-500 comes with a Petal-shape hood to impede inappropriate light. it has a 95mm filter size while the lens also includes a step down adapter ring allowing APS-C image sensor digital cameras to use a smaller 86mm filter.

The Optical Stabilizer (OS) will not function with Nikon and Canon SLR film cameras except for the Nikon F6 and the Canon EOS-1V. Do not attempt to mount a Polarizing filter and the step down adapter ring together. By attaching a Polarizer filter, you be unable to get it off the lens again .

On Sony and Pentax mounts, the OS function of the 50-500 lens may be used even while that camera body features an image sensor stabilization system. While compensation for any camera shake can be seen in the viewfinder, a photographer can easily confirm accurate focus to ensure there's no subject movement.  

Did I mention it weighs a ton (actually 4.34 lbs) . You should use the included wrist strap as your regular camera strap may not be rated for this much weight. Also when you attempt to use your camera's built in flash, a  shadow results from the diameter of the lens, although easily fixed by using an external flash.   Sep 5, 2011. Announced Feb 20, 2010

The term hyperzoom or superzoom is used to promote photographic zoom lenses with unconventionally large focal length factors, typically more than 4 and ranging up to 15, e.g., 35 mm to 350 mm. The largest ratio for digital SLR cameras is held by the Tamron 18270 mm, giving 15. Some Digital Camera Review by Gene Wrights have even larger zoom ratios up to 35. For movie and television use, Panavision holds the record with their 300X HD Lens.

While superzoom lenses have improved greatly in recent years, they still have a number of drawbacks in comparison with shorter-range zooms and prime lenses. Most notable is the much increased likelihood of significant distortions of the image at both extreme ends of the range. Other potential problems include smaller maximum aperture and poorer autofocus performance ✓

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Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-6.3 EX APO DG OS HSM SLD Lens

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