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An Ideal Large-Aperture Standard Zoom Lens

Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC HSM Macro LensDigital Camera LensSigma's 17-70mm DC macro lens is an ideal large-aperture standard zoom lens for Nikon digital SLR cameras with APS-C size image sensors, making it suitable for a wide variety of subjects.

The lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 7.9 inches throughout the entire zoom range, along with a maximum magnification of 1:2.3 for close-up macro photography. The new lens design and multilayer lens coating, meanwhile, reduce flare and ghosting--a common problem with many digital cameras.

Add in a Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass element and two aspherical lens elements and you have a lens that can correct all types of aberrations while producing a high level of optical performance at every interval.

HSM means this lens will autofocus on Nikon D40/D40x, Nikon D60, Nikon D3000, Nikon D3100 and the Nikon D5000


The lens also offers a large aperture of F2.8 at the 17mm wide-angle setting, yet is notably compact, with an overall length of 3.2 inches and a diameter of 3.1 inches. Plus, it performs superbly even in relatively low-light conditions, such as indoors or at dusk. Users will also appreciate the inner focusing system, which provides a fast autofocus speed while preventing the front of the lens from rotating, making it particularly suitable for use with circular polarizing filters and petal-shaped lens hoods. Also equipped with a zoom lock switch that eliminates "zoom creep" during transport, the lens weighs 16 ounces and carries a one-year warranty.

This lens was designed so that the image circle matches the smaller size of the image sensor of most digital SLR cameras. The specialized design gives this lens the ideal properties for digital cameras, the compact and lightweight construction is an added bonus! including compact and lightweight construction. This lens will not give a full image on 'full frame' and 'film' cameras and will cause serious vignetting.

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Dimensions (Length x Diameter): Length 82.5mm (3.2") x Diameter 79mm (3.1")

Weight: 455gr / 16.0oz

Construction: 15 Elements in 12 Groups

Angle of view: 72.4°-20.2°

Minimum Aperture :F22

Closest Focusing Distance: 20cm (7.9..)

Maximum Magnification: 1:2.3

Filter Size: 72mm

Lens Includes

Lens Hood

Front & Rear Lens Caps

1 Year International Warranty plus 2 Year Sigma U.S.A. Extended Warranty (Total Warranty is 3 Years from Date of Purchase)


Excellent with minor flaws, May 19, 2009

By D. C. Eaton (Avon, IN United States)

I compared this lens with the excellent Sony 50mm f1.4 lens (arguably a bit unfair since this is a prime lens). The camera was a Sony a350.

Build: Smooth secure operation. No complaints.

Flare: I had heard that this was impressive and I could not induce significant flare under any circumstances - even without the included hood. Great!

Chromatic aberration: If I "pixel peeped" I could sometimes see a pixel width or two of color, but no worse than the Sony 50mm. Really good!

Resolution: To test this I shot text on a wall at various focal lengths from wide (17mm) to telephoto (70mm) at wide open and f8. The results were quite comparable to the pictures with the Sony 50mm lens except at the extreme edges wide open where it was a bit soft. However, at 17mm f2.8 the picture was quite soft at the edges and somewhat soft even in the middle. In this test situation, the 17mm f2.8 shot ended up at less than 3 feet from the wall. This is a bit extreme and I have not yet repeated this test at a more realistic distance.

However, does this matter if it is soft at 17mm f2.8? On a recent trip to Arizona, I shot a lot at 17mm, but none of the shots were at f2.8. So I think that this is a minor point and probably typical of a lot of other zoom lenses as well. Because of the high resolution of the Sony a350 (14M pixels) any focus errors readily show up, but this can't really be blamed on the lens (the Sony 50mm sometimes misses focus also). I recently saw a discussion where focus errors were called the dirty little secret of the (various) SLR makers. Oh well, considering how fast the SLR cameras focus, I suppose it is amazing that any shots are in focus.

Slow lens leaves your photos in the shadows of greatness, March 31, 2009

By Rachel Whelton "r301" (New Hampshire)

I have now owned this lens for a while and have come back to upgrade my review but leave some drawbacks so other shoppers will be aware.

The good points of this lens, that made me keep it instead of return it, are the unusual qualities it has to go macro on the one end of the range, and zoom to a virtual wide angle at the other extreme. These two views broaden my ability as photographer in ways that none of my other lenses do. I hardly ever use the middle of this lens. I grab it for the big wide picture, or the super close up shot. Anything in the middle, I'd rather use my 50mm prime lens.

I really wanted a macro for close up flower photography, I maybe should have looked at a few other options. This does do macro but I could have gotten even more zoom with another lens choice. At least it lets me get close. I can put the lens as close as I want to the flower or object. It is great in autofocus or manual. It produces nice pictures as long as, and only if, there is a lot of light. Otherwise you'll get a big shadow from where the flash on your camera couldn't reach over the lens in it's way. I read about this but didn't think it would happen to me. Think again. You'll need to use your extra attaching flash or get more light. So basically I end up only doing macro photos outside or in bright light.

Reading the reviews got me excited for this lens. I started thinking I didn't really need a prime, or a dedicated macro lens, because here was this great lens that could offer other shots too. Everyone seemed to say it was so sharp and so great. Don't be too gullible. It's very slow. That means blurry pictures or no action shots or no twilight shots. If you already have a prime lens, fine. But don't cheat yourself thinking this thing can do it all.

Probably the reason I kept it, aside from the fun of the macro being alright, is the wide angle side. I use it more than I expected. Especially if I tilt the camera down, it creates almost an arc view that a true wide angle lens can produce. I like it so much that I plan to buy a dedicated wide angle prime lens next time I buy a lens.

If you are not looking to replace your kit lens with a better "everything" lens, this might be great for you. But if you really wish you had a macro and you feel you might get something extra here, it might be better to focus on your main priority.

Get a filter. I figured I'd order one later or pick it up at the shop. Local shop was a lot more. Now I have to order one. Should have just done it at the same time.

I do like the lens and I never use my kit lens anymore. But I would never in a million years trade my 50mm prime lens for this. I only like it since I have both (not to mention others).

Press Release
Wednesday, 18 January 2006
    Large aperture standard zoom lens designed specially for digital SLR cameras
    Minimum focusing distance of 20cm,with an impressive maximum magnification of 1:2.3. at all focal lengths.
    New design and multi layer lens coating reduce flare and ghosting.
    Aspherical and SLD lenses offer excellent correction for various aberrations.
    Large aperture of F2.8 at the wide angle setting.
The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the new 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 DC MACRO lens.The lens is ideally suited for a wide variety of subjects and is designed specifically for digital SLR cameras featuring APS-C size image sensor.

This revolutionary lens has a minimum focusing distance of 20cm (7.9”) throughout the entire zoom range. A maximum magnification of 1:2.3 enables extreme close-up photography. An impressive achievement for a standard zoom lens. The new lens design and multi layer lens coating reduce flare and ghosting, a common problem with digital cameras. A Special Low Dispersion (SLD) lens and two aspherical lens elements provide excellent correction for all types of aberrations and produce a high level of optical performance throughout the entire zoom range. This lens offers a large F2.8 aperture at 17mm wide angle and yet it is compact, with an overall length of just 79mm (3.1”) and diameter 82.5mm (3.2”). Performance is superb, even in relatively low light conditions indoors or at dusk.

The lens design incorporates an inner focusing system, which ensures fast AF speed as well as preventing the front of the lens rotating, making it particularly suitable for use with circular polarizing filters and petal shaped lens hoods. This lens is also equipped with a zoom lock that eliminates “Zoom Creep” during transportation.

Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC IF Macro Lens

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