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Samsung NX lenses were specifically engineered to assure photographers that they will get a big return out of their Samsung photography experience. The advanced intelligent lens innovation of Samsung NX system lenses does the capturing and allows photographers to go about their creativity, allowing for a pleasurable photography experience each and every time. The NX10 features a condensed, sleek and lightweight package, and now with its foremost lens technology, photographers need never miss another creative shot.

Consumer research shows that photographers desire handy, easy-to-use attributes that assure value and creative liberty through ground-breaking concepts. . Samsung’s smart lens engineering assures photographers that needs are fulfilled by gaining the highest image quality, while taking pleasure in the sleek, robust and portable compact digital camera package of the NX10 because of its mirror-less engineering. Building on Samsung’s strong legacy in performance and ground-breaking innovation, The new Samsung lens technology was created to fulfill universal easy-to-use resources requested by photographers. Jun 18, 2011 ✓

Samsung NX-M Lenses
The Samsung NX-M is an ultra-compact mirrorless camera, complete with a new NX-M mount to attach the mini lenses that go with it.
Samsung NX Lenses

Samsung 12-24mm f/4 NX
Sep 17, 2012

Samsung 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 ED NX Lens

• Black or White Finish

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