Samsung DV300F Dual View Point & Shoot Camera

Available in Several Gleaming Metallic Colors

Samsung DV300F Dual View Point & Shoot Camera Samsung Electronics announced another new DualView® camera, the DV300F. the latest technology in Dual LCD including connectivity to Wi-Fi for users desiring to click and instantly share moments.

The DV300F piggybacks upon the successful DualView technology featuring a 1.5" LCD screen facing the front which helps make certain users are acquiring the most challenging images. A new Child Mode shows an animation for keeping little ones zoomed in, while a visual Self Timer allows for real easy photo capture of oneself.

The DV300F is Samsung's first DualView camera to provide Wi-Fi connectivity which was created as a response to growing consumer demands for share ability and maximum creativity, The camera’s integrated Wi-Fi connectivity lets users email their creations or upload them onto social media sites like Picasa, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. Additionally, images saved to the microSD flash memory card in the camera, can be uploaded to a personal PC without using wires, by making usie of an Auto PC Backup utility. Cloud services, which include Microsoft SkyDrive and the Samsung AllShare Play, lets users save and share their cherished photos from anywhere.

For consumers looking for premium quality and sophisticated design, this latest Samsung is available in several gleaming metallic colors, including silver,, mock black, red and navy. The latest DualView camera presents a sleek, rounded, seamless design for definitive style without any compromise in image quality. or ease of use The DV300F shows off it's impressive 5x optical zoom , 16 Megapixels, and wide-angle 25mm lens for capturing every part of the encounters, even from aloof.

This latest DualView LCD camera with, ultra premium styling, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the newest creative features, validates Samsung’s steadfast commitment to originality within the compact digital camera marketplace, as well as their capacity to consistently meet their customers needs ✓



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