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A Very Solid Point & Shoot Performer

Ricoh PX Digital Camera The Ricoh PX 16MP Compact Digital is a very solid point & shoot performer with a big 16Mp resolution and many features, functions and and modes. Small, plus easy to carry about, the PX acquires high-quality images in detail with an assist from the 1/2.3" CCD image sensor. A 2.7 inch LCD screen provides a platform for both a composing and reviews, while the 5x optical zoom 5-25mm lens lets you get close and personal to your photography subjects.

While it captures still photos, in addition the PX acquires 720 x 1280 HD movies. But it doesn't matter which of the formats you opt to photograph in, you can save your images on SD or SDHC memory storage cards, including the Eye-fi media. Another great PX feature is the water-proof and dirt-proof layout. The camera features a water resistance rating class of 8 JIS/IEC, which allows it to be used underwater to a 9.8' depth as long as 60 minutes. There's also dust resistance rating, of class 6 JIS/IEC meaning even at a sandy beach you won't have a fear of taking the camera out of it's case.

Among the many user-friendly attributes the PX boasts about what Ricoh has labeled their premium shot function. By selecting one of the many choices, you can take it easy and just enjoy the moment the PX does all the grunt work. A few of of the numerous modes include a cooking function, which adjusts for hue and brightness, an auction function allows you to make a collage from multiple photos into a single image for using on online auction sites, while a sports function acquires pictures of moving subjects. other features include a calendar playback option, subject-tracking AF, and face-priority.

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